In regards to the upcoming Dutch and Scandinavian concerts

Dear Dutch and Scandinavian fans, Gino will have to postpone his concerts with the Concertgebouw Jazz Orchestra, and the new Danish trio this January. A few weeks ago Gino had a stage accident that did serious harm to his ears. A crew member unwittingly unplugged a mic cable while Gino was testing his in-ear monitors. The blast was so loud that Gino lost his hearing for a moment. It returned after a few seconds. Gino went ahead and performed but in a few days the damage to his ears manifested. Not fun.      Gino has seen a slew of doctors. Thankfully there is no permanent damage; but in flying, doctors say, Gino risks further harm to his ears. It’s a risk not worth taking, especially with a ten-hour flight from Portland, Oregon to Amsterdam.    Gino sends all, his deepest apologies–he was hoping he would heal in time. At present, Gino is on a strict diet and a regimen of herbs and vitamins. Doctors have grounded Gino for the next 60 days.    Management and all involved are in the process of rescheduling the dates. We are aiming for late April, early May.  All the January dates have been postponed.  As soon as we have any updates we’ll let you know. Love to all from Gino

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