Join Gino on the ‘70s Rock and Romance Cruise

Join Gino Vannelli on the ‘70s Rock and Romance Cruise, March 25-30, 2019! Sail with Gino Vannelli, Foreigner, Boz Scaggs and many other performers to the beautiful ports of Cozumel and CocoCay on the Luxurious Celebrity Infinity. Be part of more than 40 incredible LIVE performances!

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For travel and hotel accommodation contact Keith Murray:

  1. I just wanna stop … yes i am saving to go on this cruise to see my all-time fave bands. I am in awe that you are all going to be on this one cruise. Love!

  2. Please come back to Talking Stick in Phoenix.

  3. Im so old and used up (married, raised 6 kids) but you make me feel young again. Youre a TEENY BIT older than me. But you sure dont act like it – lol. Bless your heart – big hugs. The party sounds amazing. Go guy <3

  4. I had been trying to see you since 1973. Every time you released a record I would write the record company to see if you were touring, of course you never came anywhere near us. A couple of years ago you came to Dallas, you were in the same hotel we were and I did not go down to breakfast and you sat down right next to my husband. I would have passed out on the table. My husband did not bother you, just sent you a note to say thank you and how much I have loved your music all these years. I have listened to Storm at Sun Up so many times the needle slides, the grooves are gone. So thank you, your music is etched deep on my heart. We hope you come again, please!

  5. Yeah, ‘Storm @ Sun Up’ literally changed my life, & influenced my playing & writing ever since. Thanks, Gino, Joe & Ross !

  6. I cannot wait to see you at the meet and greet in Warren Michigan, 11/18! But, I really want to do this cruise!

  7. Gino, great in genius and talent, I do not want to die without knowing this wonderful being.I love Gino

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