It has always been a passion of mine to sing in different languages. Sometimes it has stretched me to a breaking point. For this reason it is critical to find someone who completely understands what was originally written in order to tell the story in a new language.

While remaining true to the central theme of Road to Redemption, I believe Alejandro found the essence and brought it to the Spanish language in a clear and inspired way, sounding more like an first-hand lyric than a translation. Best of all, we had fun during the process.

And here it is: ‘El Camino del Perdon’.

Love to all


  1. Regardless of what language Gino sings… You know it’s Gino…

    • Gino would be Gino regardless. Once his intense passion for music gets in your blood, you’re hooked. You can always sense his message from the honesty and emotion in his lyrics. It touches your soul and it won’t escape. Plus, you don’t want it to escape. Gino’s Mom gave the world the greatest gift she could have — GINO. For that we are eternally grateful.

  2. Vert excellent job both of you. Thank you. Love the song. Love all of you.

  3. I love see Alanjedro, play piano, and mouth the words as Gino is singing. Wow. So special.

  4. Gino,
    You have the voice of an angel. You can sing anything!!!!
    You are truly Blessed . Thank you for such beautiful music.
    Donna Rossi

    • Have you ever noticed that since he got his hair cut and styled, he looks even more like Michelangelo’s statue of David? Yes, the voice of an angel, the body of a ancient Roman god.

  5. You’ve lived in the Netherlands for a while, so…..can we hear you sing in Dutch someday?

  6. Beautiful Gino!

  7. Excellent Gino ! – as always 🙂

  8. Anxiously awaiting your next concerts
    Indeed if one has already experienced cycling in the Netherlands and has experienced indoors a bus passing by outside, then one should at least be able to do a song in Dutch ✌️

  9. Hi,

    Yeey! This morning I learned that patience is really a virtue. I wish that many more people listen to and enjoy all your music, find their way to your concerts and that more of the younger generation will discover your music. I’m going to ask my nephew and niece to come to your concert(s)

    From The Netherlands

  10. Dear Gino,
    You got 9 months to learn Dutch
    Thanks for coming to Holland, already got the tickets, 3 times best live show, everytime !

  11. Come dicesti tempo fa….”che dire”!…. oltre che bravo sei coinvolgente.Ogni tuo pezzo, ascoltato e riascoltato ha sempre un’emozione da regalare. E non sono una credente in Dio, ma una che a fede in tutto ciò che é AMORE. Ciao Gino

  12. La voz de Gino Vanelli es INALTERABLE !!! Hermosa canción con un maestro como A. Lerner.

  13. Excelente, Gino y compania! Te esperamos en Puerto Rico!

  14. Great song, great singer, great arrangement. Love this song

  15. Great song, great singer, great arrangement. Love this song…

  16. Tonight, I looked for something inspiring, and of course I stumbled upon this beautiful cover.

    Your voice, writing… your character… very grateful.

    Don’t keep us waiting too long for the next release 😉

  17. What a beautiful song, and Gino, you sang it so perfectly! As always! My favorite singer, and one of the best composers. Thank you so much for making me feel so good…

  18. Bravo, Mr. Vannelli, Bravo!

  19. This song in Spanish is like a lullaby as if you are gently singing a baby to sleep. Watching you sing with all your heart and soul is like viewing an angel singing to God. Thank you for the wonderful arrangement and as always, the privilege to hear your voice. You are blessed by God to have such a gift.

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