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I have been meaning to dedicate a song outright to Tricia for so long, and finally that song has come along. Here it is my friends, Evermore—for Tricia—and for you to eavesdrop on.
Love to all

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7 Comments on ““Evermore” Video”

  1. Evermore is breathtaking! It’s beautiful like your Tricia. May the Lord give you strength and guide you. Looking forward to seeing you in one of your fabulous concert !
    Judy from irvine ca

  2. Beautiful song! Love it!
    I was 15 years old (1976), and in Mexico City at the time, when I first heard your music. I was at a club or disco, when suddenly, “Lady” came on. I immediately fell in love with the song, and hoped that the DJ would say the name of the song and artist. I waited and finally heard, “Lady, del Maestro Gino Vannelli.” Upon my return to California, I went to the local record store and bought Powerful People and Storm At Sunup. A few months later, Gist of the Gemini. I was hooked, couldn’t get enough of your music. I especially loved the jazz fusion and slow ballads the most. I also must admit, I had a huge crush on you and thought you were the most gorgeous man in the world. I saw you twice in concert in the late 70’s. Time went by, life and shit happened, and I started listening to other types of music. Several months ago, I reconnected with your music, and I listen to it almost daily. It transports me to another place and time, and brings so much joy to me. So here I am, after 30+ years, listening and rediscovering the “Maestro Gino Vannelli.” You are a master indeed, and I thank you with all my heart for the music you’ve created. There is no other Gino Vannelli, and never will be.

    P.S.: Would be great if you could do concert(s) at Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa. It is a wonderful venue. Just sayin……

  3. Gino. I am so pleased you have done this wonderful video and dedicated it to Tricia. The first time I heard it when I played A Good Thing Album after your concert in Edmonton, it became one of my favorites on this album. It was obvious that you had written it for Tricia. My favorite song on this album is Gypsy Days, but Evermore touches my heart because of the love you express for Tricia. Any wife would love to have their husband express this level of love. Much love to you and Ross and the beautiful Tricia who has been through so much this past year. Hollis Ehman.

  4. My fiancé and I love this song. It will be our wedding dance song! We have tickets to Clearwater but see it was cancelled.
    Will u b rescheduling soon?

  5. Aaaah Gino,
    God has left His lingering kiss upon you
    in the many gifts that flow from within you
    so awesome on so many levels
    truly leaving such exquisite colors of emotions in
    many hearts, and expressions across many faces
    I often allow myself to be swallowed up and carried away
    into the paradise of your fabulous voice… your songs
    your thoughts, your words, even the endless depth of your soul
    with which you caress the whole world.
    You…Gino, are a wonderful treasure…like being cuddled up in many luxurious sunsets
    I have been loving you and your music for many moons now
    Your signature style…like your fingerprints…one of a kind.
    You are so beautiful inside and out. Stay true to yourself. Keep Doing You!
    Another Great song and body of work…so lovely and beautiful
    as is your “Tricia”…she is your lovely garden of Eden.

    Take wonderful care of yourself
    in the Gracious Love of God The Father and The Lord Jesus Christ.
    His Peace be yours and your beautiful family and friends.

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