Gino auctioning gold and platinum albums for charity

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Hi everybody! NOW THIS IS SPECIAL!
Gino has decided to part with his gold and platinum albums for a one of the most pressing causes on the planet right now. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the certified Brother to Brother and Black Cars gold and platinum records will go to Christian relief funds in the Middle East.(or any Middle Eastern family in dire need) Whatever we raise will help children and their families escape persecution and certain death.
Here are two examples of some items that will be put to auction. More to come soon.
love to all


One Comment on “Gino auctioning gold and platinum albums for charity”

  1. Dear Gino, I have been a true fan, an admirer of your work since the first second I heard your music! After all these years of loving the voice, production and every aspect of your work, tonight I had to take the opportunity to say WOW and Thank you, how great it is that you are giving to the relief for the ones escaping danger…
    I am the youngest sister of “The Allred Family”, a family of Gospel singers. I grew up on the road and in the recording studios just like you have with your family. I can relate so completely to your life, the great, God given talent!
    You have impacted my life. I am starting out on my own in using my abilities, after life has happened and my sisters and I do not travel as we used to. In some ways I feel like some of those refugees in that I am determined to live and give to my child the life she so deserves. I must sing the songs God has given to me, again be before the audience and play my piano and speak to hurting hearts.
    I hope you will go to my website,
    You can see there my sisters and some of our albums and what I am doing now.
    You have my prayers and support in all you do. If I had an address of where to send, I would love to send you some of my recordings, my songs like yours so passionately written and performed as a gift to you!
    Thank you for giving me and my family the greatest pleasure to listen to God’s finest work in your voice, your music and the production that thrills me! Thank you!!!
    Perhaps someday I can shake your hand and look face to face at someone God has given His best beauty and giftings to, you and all your family.
    Please tell your brother that his keyboards have brought so much joy to me. I play all keyboards and I often listen to “I Just Wanna Stop” (my favorite of all your work) and I listen to the chords and the harmonies of each beautiful note, the rhythms and then of course your voice straight out of heaven. I am so sincere.
    God Bless You Gino, I send this note in great love and respect for you and your gifts of music from God. Your heart is so very, very special!
    Linda Allred

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