Gino’s charity auction underway!

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nylonGino would like to help raise much needed funds for one of the most pressing causes on the planet right now. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Nazarene Fund, a charity whose mission it is to free persecuted Christian families in imminent danger in the Middle East.

Up for auction: Gino’s Aria nylon-string guitar – purchased by Gino when he was 18. He wrote his entire first album, “Crazy Life”, on it. It was the guitar he used during the recording of the album. He also wrote most of the “Powerful People” record on it, including his first hit, “People Gotta Move”. This was the nylon-string guitar he used to audition for Herb Alpert in 1972 that landed him his first major contract with A&M Records.

Please contact Loretta Murray via email at with your silent bid along with your name, address and cell phone number. Opening bid is $5,000 with bid increments of $250. Auction ends October 9th.

Gino will personalize and autograph this guitar for the lucky winner.

5 Comments on “Gino’s charity auction underway!”

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned what is going on. The suffering of so many of innocent Christians right now. The incredible violence they are suffering. Thank you for doing your part!

  2. Thank you sir, from someone whose grandmother had to flee Lebanon in the late 1800’s because of her Christian faith. She was never able to return to see her family again. The suffering continues. We are all children of one God. Peace be to all of us.

  3. God bless you Gino for taking this cause up. You never hear anything about it on the
    news and it’s good that you’re helping to bring it to light. Thank you for your
    generous heart. The Lord will bless you for your part in trying to help His children
    who are in distress.

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