Gino checks in for a quick video update about upcoming Texas shows

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gino vannelli texas 2017 video

Gino checks in for a quick video update about his upcoming Texas shows. See the video via Facebook below:

16 Comments on “Gino checks in for a quick video update about upcoming Texas shows”

  1. Really excited to finally see you and the band perform after listening to your music for 40 yrs! What a dream come true. Thanks for making VIPs possible. It will be an honor.

  2. Gino,
    I saw you perform in Austin last night. You were in fine form, and the band was great.
    I discovered your music 41 years ago, when Keep On Walking was frequently featured on my local jazz station in Detroit. I had the good fortune to see you perform in Detroit four times (including watching you ripping your overly tight pants once at Cobo Hall), and many years later, three times here in Austin.
    For all of those 41 years,whenever asked for my favorite artist, it has been you. More: you’ve been the predominant voice in the soundtrack of my life. I’ve enjoyed sharing your artistic journey, even if not everything was to my taste. (Actually, I like Black Cars much better today than I did in 1985.) Yonder Tree was brilliant.
    I’ve both loved and respected the fact that you refused to be bound by any particular genre. I’ve enjoyed exploring all of your choices with you. I don’t mean to be overly familiar, but in so many ways, you are my most longstanding friend, And without a doubt, the most enduring artist in my life.
    All of that as just a prelude to say “Thank you.” I’d like to do that in person sometime, but I’ve been intimidated by the aging, adoring, once-teenyboppers who seem so eager to meet you. So I didn’t care to stand in line with them. But my thanks to you come from a very deep level.
    And while I understand why you mightn’t choose to perform Where Am I Going live these days, perhaps you might reconsider. It was (among many others) an incredible anthem.
    Anyway, thank you for a lifetime of joy and enjoyment.
    Kindest regards,
    Mike Walter

  3. My wife an I met listening to your Storm at Sunup album. She went to your show in San Antonio in ’79 at Municipal Auditorium with her girlfriends and went on what a great show it was. We’ve always been connected to your music and had to see you in Austin when you performed last month. It was a fantastic show and you still have ‘it’. Thanks for the awesome music and hanging around after the show for pictures and autographs. It was a great performance. We’ll be there when you come back to Austin or San Antonio.

  4. When gino coming to San Anthonio. Again. I been a fan his since 77 and dying to see and hear play in s a.

  5. Gino,
    J’adore ta musique, mais il semble que tu choisis de faire une tournée dans un mille lieux de villes. Que diriez-vous de venir à Vancouver, Victoriaville et mes amis à Anchorage? J’adorerais pouvoir voir “le legand” en personne que mes parents aiment écouter.

  6. Great! I missed it! Haven’t seen you since San Antonio at the Airport-late 70’s? Also in concert as well! Just happened to be flying out and you were quite the gentleman.


  8. I’m listening to Gino’s music from the beginning in the 70’s. His style, his powerful voice and his creativity drives us through the years with great pleasure. I hope I can make it to see Gino in the Netherlands next year.
    We love you Gino

  9. Next year it will be 40 years since Brother to Brother. Gino,I cant imagine my life on this planet without your wonderful music. May the Wheels of Life keep turning… Many Thanks and Best Wishes.

  10. Gino….I will make the Austin show…but hope in future you will come for a show in San Antonio. When you toured Sam Antonio for Gist of the Gemini, Pauper in Paradise, and Brother to Brother…I was there.
    Thank you for the “vision” of your music and song lo these many years; even as it continues in this millennia.
    Wish you good health and blessings this 2018.

  11. Would love to see Indiana dates! I have listened to your music since I heard Stop for your Love in 78, the year my husband and I got married!

  12. I must say I love all those WONDERFUL comments. TO SEE YOU in CONCERT is to LOVE YOU. I think k that I may have said this before, GINO PLEASE DO NOT STOP BEING YOU, ,,,,,,!,! OH PLEASE KEEP THE STORIES COMING,, IT LOOKS LIKE I AM ALWAYS A BIT LATE FINDING THEM lol. Still in class when it comes to using this GIZMO. YOU FAN. ALWAYS

  13. Hi GINO having bought your Yonder Tree in 95 I recently revisited it and as a consequence Ive been enthralled by your many videos on Utube, glad you are still performing!Keep up the good work in many genres. I am living in Bristol UK and still play jazz bass at age 85 and never tire of good music!

  14. And when shows in Europe ?????
    We like you very much Gino, in Spain and Portugal there are a lot of people who adore you. To the musicians of my generation you are a genius.

  15. I remember seeing your show at the Travis Street Electric Company in Dallas TX. This was in the late seventies and a small venue… Anyway, was one of the best shows I’ve seen today! Your drummer was Graham Lear and your brother Joe Vanelli! Half to say you came onto that stage larger than life and opened with Power People! We were all blown away and became big fans from there… You are truly a musical genius and has what it takes today meaning that you haven’t lost a step!
    All the best,

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