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  1. Didn’t have opportunity for the meet and greet after the show last night 10/29/16 here in Pittsburgh. I would have thanked you ever so deeply for recording “Storm at Sun Up” which I cherish. Thank you also for returning to Pittsburgh and helping us fall in love again. There were tears in my row !!! Including mine. Looking forward to your return. Bless you Gino. You really are a star–mine.

  2. Thank-you Gino, for all that you have given us…selflessly, and your relentless pursuit for perfection…….always
    Lord Bless Your Day

  3. I was wondering if you know whn Gino will be back in Pgh, Pa? Have alot of family members tht want to come and missed him last week.

  4. My gratitude is great.
    After waiting over 35 years I was able to experience Gino Vannelli in concert in Pittsburgh, PA 10/29
    My heart, my soul and my need for masterclass music is beyond satisfied. Thank you Mr. Vannelli and the amazing Portland Band, for this.
    Anam Cara. This is an old Gaelic concept of love (“Anam” meaning “soul”, and “Cara” meaning “friend”). According to Gaelic spirituality, the Anam Cara is a blessing and one whom with you share a deep and unbreakable bond with. Thank you for giving me this blessing with your written and spoken words and absolutely with your music.
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  5. Dear Gino,
    Just a few words (with my bad english) to let you know that I listen to your songs since 1978, “Brother to Brother” was the first “flash” for me ! I love your warm and charming voice. I also discovered “We the people” Billy Cobham’ album
    Let’s say in french, j’adore votre musique depuis très longtemps et je suis fan ! Mes origines méditerranéennes (Croatie) me rapprochent des vôtres.
    Continuez à nous enchanter ! Un grand merci
    Love from Gordana Djakovic (Paris)

  6. Gino,I just have to say, that when ever I here you sing, on youtube or listening
    To CD’s or the radio. You put a smile on my face. I love your voice.
    Since I was a young girl of 17 I loved the way you sing. At that time I went to
    A concert in Philly P.A. with my girlfriends, afterward we went to the Hilton
    Hotel Bar for a drink. Well next in you walk w/entourage. I froze. I couldn’t
    Believe my eyes. I could not speak. But, I do remember you were drinking
    Grasshoppers. So thats what we ordered. I really been dying to tell this story.
    Love ya, Sylvia
    Conservare La Cassaforte Gino

  7. Gino, I’ve been a fan of yours since my days in college, I just wanted to say thank you so much for FINALLY releasing the first two volumes of your songbooks. When you release volume 3 this year at Christmas time could you please include the following pieces ? “The Measure of a Man”, “Venus Envy”,” Summers of My Life”, ” I Believe”, and could you PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE also include “Tender Lies” ? Your music is one of the reasons why I love to listen and play it.

    1. I totally and completely agree with this post. He has THE most beautiful voice I have ever listened to!!!!!!EVER!!!!

  8. Saw you in college in Louisiana, my first concert, I was so mesmerized by your connection with the Audience.
    Sometimes I would google you and your songs to show people (young and old) I always wondered if you were going back out on tour.
    Hopefully you will be in the New Orleans area soon. My friends and I will definitely be there.

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