Gino returns to Montreal on November 5th

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gino vannelli montreal 2023

Gino Vannelli returns to Montreal performing his newly arranged and orchestrated compositions for a special evening with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Québec.

November 5th, 2023 @ Place Des Arts / Maison Symphonique

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gino vannelli montreal 2023

8 Comments on “Gino returns to Montreal on November 5th”

  1. I d give anything to be there on November 5th I’m 65 on the Tuesday I have been a fan for nearly 50 years the guy is unique no other words could express

  2. Would love to B in that number with your home land Fans specifically since u r to sing songs
    From CANTO. I KNOW it will B a Great show .
    Well Tricia go with you this time R will she stay to take care of beloved animals ? Wishing you
    All the very best. God bless. 🎵🎶🎵🎶❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸 proud to be an AMERICAN !

  3. Hello Gino ! Mr Vanelli!
    I was at the Maison Symphonique yesterday !
    What a wonderful place to hear your voice , that didn’t change at all !

    Wowww, we had a marvelous time and i hope you be back soon !
    I want to know if your son was in backin vocalist yesterday .

  4. Hello, saw the show and my mind is still blown by the performance, everything from the orchestra to the outstanding performance by Mr. Vannelli himself! I felt like I was experiencing a once in a lifetime event. Thank-you for doing this, I’ll never forget.
    Ps, it looked like Mr Vannelli was really enjoying himself, very powerful.

  5. Je suis une fan de Gino depuis ces touts débuts
    Première fois c’était à la place des arts de mtl
    J’ai vue touts ces shows à mtl
    Evelyne C.

  6. Always been a big fan. Born in 1954.
    Presently in Pattaya Thailand.
    Every day I listen to my playlists and at least once I’ll enjoy ‘Feel like flying’ .
    Never fails to do it for me. Timeless memories, never grow tired of listening to Gino…. ever.

  7. Hello Mr Vannelli

    I saw you last in Toronto Ontario Canada more than 5 years ago, I see you will ne in Montreal.

    Would you be heading to Toronto some time soon. Love to see you once again and have seen you each time.yournin Toronto.

    Also can or would I be able to purchase still CD/Album Storm At Sunup or any of your earlier albums.

    Unfortunately I have most of your LPs but have warm them.down and would like to have some additional copies

    If someone can reach out to me would be greatly appreciated

    Have a wonderful day and look forward to hearing from someone soon


    Mr Enzo Iaconetti
    Toronto Ontario
    Contact Number:416-2726129

    PS: Saw you 1st time at the Old Massey Hall which has been newly Renovated and would be a wonderful venue to see at in Toronto of you ever head to Toronto

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