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gino vannelli - the river must flow video

Hey kids, been a while. The last year and a half has been hard on so many in a thousand different ways. Best I could do is put some music in the air. Et voila.
Always wanted to re-record “The River Must Flow” (Brother to Brother record). Turns out it wasn’t as simple as picking up where I left off in the late seventies. The long and short of it is, it took three separate and complete versions to finally land on the one that I was satisfied with. Slowed the tempo some, reworked a few chorus lines, got my hands dirty spending endless days in the studio experimenting until it felt just right. When finally done my friend Brian McKnight was kind enough to add his multi-tracked voice to the record–the perfect sound.
Take a look, I think you’ll like what brother Ross did with the video.
Love to you all

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6 Comments on ““The River Must Flow” Video”

  1. Like all truly great music, “The River Must Flow” has a timeless and exciting vibe. I want to grab my partner, hold her tight and dance the night away!

  2. Great video Ross, matches the feel of cover, which may just be Gino’s best cover ever in my humble opinion. Love the new River Must Flow, great feel, like the hand clap. love McKnights vocal stacks too. Favorite line, stone in my shoe. Love Forever more and Eyes on you, too.

  3. I like.
    Well done.
    Still like the original but this is a bit like a wonderful familiar cake, with changed-up icing.
    Gracias, all.

  4. Bonjour M.Vanelli
    J’adore cette chanson River must flow et Evermore hymne à votre amour pour Patricia votre femme.
    D’ailleurs j’aime toutes vos chansons et votre musique depuis des décennies.
    Longue vie à vous et votre famille.
    Gisele de Montreal.

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