More tour dates announced for fall 2023! Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Annapolis

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gino vannelli performing live

gino vannelli performing live

September 16th, 2023

Cincinnati, OH @ The Ludlow Garage

Pre-sale start: April 10th at 10am EST
Pre-sale end: April 13th at 11:59pm EST
Passcode: GINOV23
Public on sale: April 14th at 10am EST


Sound check Meet & Greet tickets (pre-show) are available as an add-on. Limited availability.

Email questions to

September 29th, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA @ The Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall

Pre-sale start: April 10th at 10am EST
Pre-sale end: April 14th at 10am EST
Public on sale: April 14th at 10am EST


Sound check Meet & Greet tickets (pre-show) are available as an add-on. Limited availability.

October 1st, 2023
Annapolis, MD @ Maryland Hall

Pre sale start: April 10th at 10am EST
Pre-sale end: April 14th at 10am EST
Passcode: GV2023
Public on sale: April 14th at 10am EST


Sound check Meet & Greet tickets (pre-show) are available as an add-on. Limited availability.

49 Comments on “More tour dates announced for fall 2023! Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Annapolis”

  1. Kansas City is needing you to come back. We’re getting gray waiting on you to show up. It’s been decades and you’re going to other places 2-3 times….can we count on you to come to town please?

    1. Right! Ameristar Casino is the perfect venue and KC is right in the center of the country. An easy drive, or flight, from anywhere I. The US!

  2. Gino, please, please, please work to schedule a date in Atlanta for this tour. Center Stage in ‘19 was your last visit and a great venue.

  3. Gino: Tears of sadness that you won’t be performing in Montreal this summer! I’ll be visiting our home town in September and would love to have seen you there!

  4. Hi!
    Thank you for going strong and blessing us with your music.
    Any update for the postponed European concerts? (I bought my ticket in February 2021, for the concert in Stockholm Sweden the 6th of October 2021, so the ticket has really raised in worth now 🙂
    Very welcome whenever it happens!
    / Jens, Stockholm (Sweden)

  5. To a very precious human being created in God’s image,
    a husband to an adorable Tricia,
    a father to handsome Anton,
    a brother to Ross and Joe,
    a fabulous poet, artist, singer and song maker.
    An eternal soul…so humble
    you walk in beauty and grace.
    So, keep holding on to real love
    and know that through it all…God is Love
    and He continues to uphold you and yours.
    Happiest Birthday to you, Gino!
    I’m so happy you’re back doing your thing on the road again!
    Hope to see you soon!
    All the best with everything and the new music coming out soon!

  6. Hope you come to Madison, Wisconsin some day.

    Been enjoying your “Live in LA” Blu ray and CD and your concert would sound absolutely amazing in our Overture Center.

    Hope to see your show in Illinois later this year.

    Thank You

  7. I am looking forward to your Illinois concert—first time seeing you in person. How long is the meet and greet and how long is the concert?
    After college lost track of your music and recently rediscovered you. Very impressed with your growth as an artist and love the meaningful lyrics in your songs.

  8. Please Gino come back to Clearwater Beach, Florida at the intimate Capital Theater. Last time you were here the tickets were sold out before I could purchase one. We love you in Clearwater.

  9. Gino, Joe, anybody!!! You’ve always been loooooved in Philly but haven’t seen ya here since the TLA on South St at least 20 yrs ago..
    Come hooooome, son!!!!


  10. Hey Gino! Down here in Mississippi there is a longing. . . We need our
    Gino Fix. Anywhere close like Louisianna, Florida, Tn. Throw us a bone. Really can’t wait to hear and get your new songs. Peace to your family.
    Mick and Suanja in Tupelo MS.

  11. Hello Gino!!
    I’m praying you come back to see us in Phoenix, AZ!! I live in Tucson, AZ & hit the road to see you when you perform in AZ, Las Vegas or CA. I’ve been to 8 of your concerts & can’t wait to see you & Ross again. I’d love to see you, Joe & Ross on stage performing Brother to Brother! Epic!!!! What an Amazing Gift that would be!!
    Peace Be With You!! 💜💜

  12. Please come to Columbus, and give me the date and time. Yes, spend the day with me and my wife, In Recovery meeting and lunch or dinner. I love to hear your concert, but don’t have money.

  13. Saw you in LA at The Saban September 1! What an incredible performance! Worth the trip from San Antonio, Tex. Loved the meet and greet especially and you’re so gracious to sign autographs and take pictures. I will always treasure the memory, it was so great to finally meet you in person since I last saw you in ‘75 there in San Antonio.. Hope you are able to fit in a stop here, would so love to see you again.

  14. It was decided Gino in Stockholm, Sweden 2020….. and then come Covid
    I have 4 tickets with meet and greet, of cause, still valid to use when you all come….
    I have been told from the venue that it’s going to happen BUT WHEN!?!?
    Please push your danish promotor that apparently are the issue here to move forward!
    Looking forward to see and hear you all at Göta Lejon in Sweden ASAP❤️❤️
    Tommy from Sweden

  15. Gino… WISCONSIN PLEASE!!! I just had to miss your performance in St. Charles, Illinois due to Covid. We have some tremendous venues you’d love. And you have a hell of a lot of fans. Sincerely, Mel.

  16. Gino, if you could use a hand booking the 400 venues that would like to host a sold out show for you, please let me know. I would be happy to book them and help arrange them.
    A lot of us out here would like to see you.

  17. Hello!
    We are HOPING you will come to Houston Texas. Will you return to the Dosey Doe venue?

    Thanks ~
    Fans forevermore!

  18. Just saw Gino tonight In Pittsburgh. What a GREAT SHOW!!!! I was waiting for my Uber and he came out and took photos with my wife and me. Real class act.

  19. My wife and I saw Gino in Pittsburgh Pa. I’ve been a Gino Fan since State College 1976, We were waiting for our ride and Gino walked out of the venue we exchanged a lot of chatter took some photos with me and my wife. He was so approachable and gracious it was 47 years I’ve been a fan. He still sounds like he did when I Wes a kid!!&

  20. Attended the concert in Clearwater last night as well as the Meet & Greet. One word: AWESOME!! No what, one more: MAGICAL!! If you are a fan, you must see him. His voice is as strong as ever. The band is outstanding and it’s apparent they are all having a great time bringing a lot of memories and music to all in attendance. Love it!!!

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