Turns out this century-old piece of lyrical furniture, the latest addition to my home music room, is in pretty fine form, save for a few low notes that go ‘bonk’, then choke a little—nothing that new strings couldn’t cure. No cracks on the harmony board, pinblock or turning pins. Good hammers, pedals and general mechanics showing no real signs of giving up the ghost just yet. (I hope my pedals and mechanics work as well when I’m a hundred.)
Overall, a sweet and authentic sound, it plays pretty well when you lay into it too. The icing on the cake: all for the crazy, exorbitant price of $350. If not absolutely free, some ‘best’ things in life come pretty darn close—thanks to a good neighbor.
gino vannelli piano

  1. Nice Piano and nice neighbor! It’s a classic that still delivers, stands the test of time and leaves you wanting more. Not unlike all the GV performances I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Be Big, Be Brave, Be Bold and Be Blessed.

    (still patiently waiting for the new record)
    Devoted Ohio Fan

  2. If only this piano could talk and tell stories of past days and years, wonder if it knows the best is still to come living in Gino’s house.

    Thank you Gino for your amazing music!

  3. I have a similar looking piano, a real beauty. It’s a 1901 Heintzman & Co upright grand piano. Wish I could upload a picture 🙂 I feel it’s soul when I play it 🙂

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