Remembering Mom

gino vannelli mom

I’ve wrestled with the desire to share this bit of sad news with you. I’m not inclined to either bore or darken anyone’s day, but because my brothers and I could not have been with Mom in her last moments, she, being in a care facility in

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The Woman Upstairs

gino vannelli piano

For months the melody and chords were like pulses and waves blowing through long, narrow hallways, from a distant room in a sprawling stone house. The emotions were vivid, yet the words indistinct. I had written two complete sets of lyrics and remained unsatisfied. One night I

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Purple LEDs and Two Tubes of Yellow

gino vannelli and his band in amsterdam in october 2018

I hadn’t been on a month-long road trip for some time. These days I’m more inclined to broaden our schedule so there is ample recovery time after each group of concerts—usually two or three at a stretch. Giving my best is the idea. But flying to Holland

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Salvation Army Fundraising

My neighbor Ken asked me to help try and raise some money for the Salvation Army at a local supermarket. I brought the boys. They were very gracious, even with those little infernal bells we kept ringing. I didn’t think they minded me using them as bait

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