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Have had my head buried in the studio this summer…

Hey folks, Have had my head buried in the studio this summer but not without coming up for air now and then. We decided that Bodhi was a little more prepared than Link to be shown this weekend in Kalama, Washington. Bodhi picked up a couple of

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The Wheels of Life and My Sleeping Beauty

No doubt there is a predictable madness about the days we live in, as there has always been, give or take a few notches up or down. There are forever things to lament about or regret. So, these days I’m inclined to focus my gaze on events

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Gino raising money for Operation Underground Railroad

Just a note to thank all those who have helped raise over $3,000 so far for Operation Underground Railroad – an organization dedicated to rescuing children from the horrors of human trafficking. We have sold out all but three of these great prints of the Pauper in Paradise

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Close Encounter with Gregory Hines

Twenty years ago, while I was recording “Yonder Tree”, I was stumped. I couldn’t decide what kind of solo was needed in one section of “Falling in Love”. I’d entertained the classic jazz drum solo, but it seemed terribly predictable. I was scratching my head, wondering one

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The Cheshire’s Crook (Letters from the Road)

I have kept some letters I have sent to some of my closest friends, like Barend and Trees in Holland, and of course my wife Tricia. Thought I’d share these once more with you. (By the way this photo was taken in Solvang California in the late

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Meet my mom

Meet my mom. Some lady! Still girlish, full of humor, and a crystal- clear mind at an age, if I would say, would be my end. Every Sunday Mom and I exchange a mouth-full of: politics, religion, civics, family matters, and usually top it off with a

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