Have had my head buried in the studio this summer…

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4923324Hey folks,
Have had my head buried in the studio this summer but not without coming up for air now and then.
We decided that Bodhi was a little more prepared than Link to be shown this weekend in Kalama, Washington. Bodhi picked up a couple of blue ribbons yesterday. It was his first show. He did great. (Link sat by me and watched and wondered.)
Jamie, their handler, proved that an upbeat manner and gentle touch could win the day. (Aussies can be rather sensitive creatures)
Hugs to all

13 Comments on “Have had my head buried in the studio this summer…”

  1. Gino,
    Any chance of concert bookings close to the KY area? Lexington, KY (Rupp Arena) Louisville perhaps (Yum Center) or Cincinnati, Ohio (several venues there)? Evansville,Indiana? Your fans would love to see you and your amazing musicians live in concert!

    1. Any chance you are coming to the SF area of northern calif.? I have loved your music for over 30 years.

  2. Looking forward to your concert at One World Theater in Austin, Texas. I have wanted to see in concert for a number of years. I love your songs and really enjoy listening to the band, they are all wonderful musicians. We will see you Saturday night, November 14…can not wait.

  3. I love hearing about your Aussies. I grew helping my Grandmother show her beloved Papillions. It takes a special person to successfully make a dog a champion. Alot of hard work and love involved for sure. Gino I also wanted to tell you that I just reconnected to your music and I am thrilled. I have watched your LA concert at least 20 times. I am 62 years old and your music makes me feel young. Thanks for sharing. Barby in Ohio.

  4. Good luck Bodhi!!
    Wish I was there in Quebec to go to your concert.
    I still cherish the memories of your concert in Chile last november, it was GREAT!!!. Warm regards from Chile

  5. Oh my! Your dog Bodhi has the best dog head – such a good looking dog. My husband and I saw you at the Keswick in Pa and it was wonderful. When he surprised me with the ticket and where we were seated it was like the first time I saw the Wizard Of Oz – Completely blown away – I listened to Where Am I Going today during errands this morning – I made it to the post office ok – looking forward to hearing all that you write hope life is good – Ti Amo

  6. Are you coming back to PA? Did not want to forget about Link – Hope he’s doing good! My dad had a border collie her name was Bella – she was hilarious – my dad would walk back from the barn which is quite far – but she would run and hide behind a tree and she would peek with her head to see where he was and I would watch her waiting for him – so funny

  7. All people know, Gino is ideal family man and person with mind.
    But G. is just…credulous kid.
    Gino is very pliable, soft person (kind hearted) with pliable character.
    Because his handler (Jamie) has become at once STAR ( being posted on facebook and in main Gino’s website) Super star (Jamie handler)
    Having become STAR for such legendary person’s account like Gino, through tenderness to dogs.(upbeat manner and gentle touch could win the day)
    How all simple.
    Now it is clear how to become famous through dogs and……
    To become example through favourite dogs……
    He so praise and idolize handler (Jamie). Photos with Jamie. VERY STRANGE
    Better an Old handler, Than a Young handler ( Dangerously)
    Nobody is interested in OLDNESS.
    So simply to become friend of Gino….

    1. That’s so cool, Joe – I wish more people on this Quazy planet felt this way. To be a credulous kid is a gift – that’s what makes Gino such a wonderful writer and a feeler of the things surrounding him – I’m just a girl from south philly who grew up in a very educated environment with good and bad – but I am 56 yrs young and I am a glad kid that I am credulous too!!!Although I do end up hurt because I feel – I think I am glad to feel that hurt than nothing at all – Me Not Too Quazy – Ti Amo

  8. Hi, is there any chance that Gino is visiting Holland for a concert. I would really love that,
    MAria Albers

  9. LOL BEST IN SHOW! Just watched the movie again this weekend,
    And I booked Valley Forge PA first row & Melbourne Florida Dec 6th!
    Got my biker husband into Gino’s music after I drug him to WestPalm show
    Kicking….he left saying Oh My God…..He was amazing! No shit hubby,
    I have perfect taste in Art, Music and husbands!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the two concerts

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