Salvation Army Fundraising

gino salvation army fundraiser

My neighbor Ken asked me to help try and raise some money for the Salvation Army at a local supermarket. I brought the boys. They were very gracious, even with those little infernal bells we kept ringing.

I didn’t think they minded me using them as bait to raise as much money as possible — five bucks a pet, ten bucks a handshake and twenty a lick in the face.

Later, an elderly lady asked if Ken was my brother. What with our dark shades and each of us holding one pretty blue merle Aussie a piece, I suddenly realized what conclusion her deductive reasoning brought her to after I answered, “Noooo. . . we’re just friends.” She smiled and then with a look of empathy, said, “Oh, no need to be shy about these things anymore.” “Just friends”, I repeated in the echoey vestibule, as she turned and grabbed a cart and rolled it away.

  1. Great going for a great cause. Thx Gino.

  2. Wow. How gracious of you to do this! Hey, is there any chance of you coming to Columbus, Ohio? Saw you in Cleveland at the Hard Rock and it was amazing.

  3. Two good men, doing great work for a worthy cause. Gino; you’re beautiful inside and out. I always enjoy your stories. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

    Snowed-In today due to Lake effect snow in NE Ohio; but rocking the house with GV.

  4. Well done guys!

  5. Hahahaha!! Gino, why is it that you always have one crazy anecdote after the other? From being Barry Manilow on a flight to singing Oh Canada in the bathroom stall, one could believe you are making this up! Mais tu n’as pas autant d’histoires que ton oncle Vic avec ton père par contre 😉 Cheers from Mtl -Marc

  6. Gino, thanks so much for ringing the bell for The Salvation Army. I’m the Regional Resource Development Director for The Salvation Army in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. I watch your LA Concert on You Tube while I’m working and listen to you in the car when I travel. I’m so sorry that I missed you at One World Theater in Austin last year. I sure hope you return to the area again. I’ve loved your music since I was a teenager in the 1970’s!

  7. From one music teacher to another….I have longed to hear more of your awesome music for many years. BUT, what has impressed me as of late is that you are passing your talents and knowledge of music on to kids as a music teacher. They will not know nor understand for many years just how very talented you are as a legendary musician. Music is a gift and someday, hopefully, those lucky kids will come to know you as a true musician from the heart and be grateful that you passed on your knowledge and talents on to them. Don’t stop making music……for, as the legendary Charlie Parker once said, “If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.” Truly, your voice is still as good as it has always been and it would be a shame not to continue to share your gift! Thank you for sharing your music with all of us! We appreciate it!

  8. Hey Gino!
    So great to see you including your Aussies in your journeys! They so love spending constant time with you. I take mine with me everywhere so much if I don’t have him with me people all ask about him. Please follow him on Instagram @adventures_with_rafa

    • I babysat my sisters dog an took him out to a sunset..EVERYONE TALKED ME…patricia ..clearwater fl.

  9. I admire Salvation Army and I love your voice ! Your website is incredible !!! Wonderful photos ! Hugs from Brazil, Gino !

  10. Gino,admirable,eres un genio en lo que haces,leo tu biografía y escucho tus canciones a diario para calmar el alma, tu genio y talento son sin duda un regalo al arte,tu eres la mejor obra digna de admirar , mis ojos felices de contemplarte y mis oídos una puerta abierta a la excelencia de tus obras musicales,gracias porcompartir de tu sabiduría creativa .. Y love forever

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