Hey folks, just shot the video to Older N’ Wizer yesterday. We filmed at a local bar called the Skyland Pub. Had more fun than should be allowed.
Here are my two friends Ken Cahill and Terry Smokes who played the officers on my case.
We are working on the final touches. Be out soon.
Hugs to all

gino vannelli on set for music video
  1. Hi Gino & Co. … good news ..hope all is well and look forward to your next dates in the Netherlands or Germany (Munich for example) A lot o new and old fans are waiting to enjoy your music live..

    Greetings from Germany


  2. Hi Gino! looking forward to it. Hope to catch up with your tour in PA in November.

    Hope you make it back to Cleveland, OH someday. Your last concert here was awesome.

  3. Love you man

  4. Hi Gino be there for your concert this Saturday 28 in Austin TX. First time to see you in person. Ginny Galindo

  5. Still awestruck and speachless after your heartfelt and great performance at Austin’s One World Theater. Consistently, once again your commanding stage leadership conducting each note is only the tip of the iceberg. Lyrically, you touch each and every soul. Appreciate you’re tribute to caregivers. Bless you and your band and team of close to perfectionists. Loving the new album, congrats

  6. Was hoping to attend the Beverly Hills date at the Saban, but am shooting on location in Vancouver. Hope you and your brother are doing great. And one of these days, I am going to finally direct a music video or concert for you, my friend. All is terrific on this end. Good health and staying busy as ever. Sending love and hugs from Travis and I. Cheers, Chip Miller

  7. I attended the Saturday 9/28/19 concert. It was a breathtaking experience. You were so full of energy and directing the band and enjoying life. Thank you for the caregiver tribute. Hope to see you again in the future. Keep on flying and enjoying life.

  8. Hola Gino, desde adolescente siempre escucho tus bellas canciones, te veré el 29 de noviembre en el auditorio Black Berry., saludos desde la Ciudad de México

  9. The concert in San Diego was magical. All fans need to do his Meet and Greet. It is very interesting seeing them check the sound and previews of what they will perform. The best part is meeting such a gracious man and having your photo taken with him.
    I have been a fan for years and to show my appreciation I presented him with a piece of jewelry , an Inca Cross . I knew he had traveled in Peru and would know it’s significance. To my surprise, he wore it that night of the concert. I was thrilled. It goes to show you that he also has a deep appreciation for his fans .
    I hope Gino , you will be able to arrange a concert in Indio California. You have a lot of Snowbird Canadian fans there.
    Again ,Can’t thank you enough for a fabulous concert.

  10. You and the band were amazing yesterday evening in Beverly Hills. I had never had the opportunity to see you back in the day, but we flew down from San Francisco to see you for my birthday. What fantastic, jazzy music. And you still have the pipes and performance chops. Kudos to your band. Each one of them is so awesome.

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