Year end message from Gino

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Gino checks in via Facebook video:

12 Comments on “Year end message from Gino”

  1. We are Looking forward to seeing Mr. Gino Vannelli in Cleveland, on 12-5-14.
    Unable to purchase your Live in L.A. CD anywhere?? PR challenges?
    We keep playing your “A Night To Remember” CD daily, WOW!, along with other gifted work from you.
    From jazz,rock,classic,R&B to mainstream you know “The Rivers Must Flow”, is the key to life and a happy relationship. I dedicate your song to my lady daily.
    You need someone to tap into the radio stations across the globe with samples of your music. You and your music are timeless and should be penetrating all of the current mainstream markets. Not every performer is able to sound as good with a live performance such as yourself, pure magic Mr. Vannelli. We are looking forward to seeing you since “The Wheels Of Life” will be moving you to Cleveland on Friday. Pardon my comments about your current air play and marketing however you should be heard by many generations to come.
    Everyday is a gift and thank you for bringing the gift of you and your team to Cleveland.
    Respectfully! Mark Corley

  2. Hi. I’m the camera girl from tonight’s show in Cleveland. I was next to Matt. You sounded incredible from front of house. Thanks for coming to Cleveland.

    1. Hello Marnie:
      You took a picture of Gino and I in the backstage area.
      These photographs are absent from the Rocksino webpages.
      Please contact me so I can get copies.

  3. You are just as gorgeous as the day I saw you on tv in 1975……One night with you…..for sure would be fabulous…

  4. Thank-you Gino for continuing to tour, especially the east coast! The best way I can sum up the year, Is that the genie is “Once Again,” out of the bottle, for the entire world to enjoy.
    With warm regards
    A devoted fan

  5. Seeing you after so many years was just spectacular. Your show in Orlando was fantastic and then I went to the show in Melbourne. Equally spectacular. A devoted fan

  6. J’attends depuis des années de voir Gino en France ou pas loin de mon pays .Je suis prêt à faire un long déplacement pour voir cet artiste que j’écoute depuis 40 ans et qui pour moi est surement au dessus de tout le monde en tant que compositeur et interprète,malheureusement pas assez connu en France …..quel dommage!
    Doit il passer en Europe ,ou faut il que j’aille le voir chez nos cousins de Quebec?

  7. Hi Gino, Hi Rick! Saw you in West Palm Beach with my daughter on the 10th and we are still flying high – what a great show. It has been a dream of mine to one day see you in person, take a picture with you and sing for you/ with you as you have been a hero of mine for years. I got 2 out of 3! I sent a copy of one of the pictures to you, Rick. It was great meeting you both and can’t wait to see you again! Btw, I have been trying to replace my favorite record Big Dreamers Sleep for years. Any chance you would sell it directly? 🙂 Blessings, and thanks again for starting the New Year off right!

  8. Geno,
    I have tried to fit your upcoming February 28th LA show into my schedule; but it won’t work. When are you planning to come to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area; you will fill the venue!

  9. Gino, thanks for a phenomenal show in Cleveland on 12/05. This show was definitely on my bucket list. Saw you in Charleston ,WV in March of 79 and was instantly hooked. I often thought how it would be to see you again….10 times better than I ever imagined. Thanks so much for a great show!
    Chris Skiles

  10. Lisa!! Can’t wait to hear more about this book. I vote for PENNSYLVANIA, since I live just north of Harrisburg. Have been to the Q several times. I was there one time for an Earth Wind and Fire cocnert-and GIRL, you were dancing your heart out : ) .yes you were. All the best to you and Gino. I am staying tuned!

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