2017 Masterclasses with Gino Vannelli

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gino vannelli masterclasses

So glad we have found the opportunity to organize two weeks of Masterclasses in Portland this summer. Always a great a pleasure.

July 24 – July 28, 2017
July 31 – August 04, 2017

Two weeks, five days per week
Two separate masterclasses
The Art of Production
The Art of Voice
contact coapro@verizon.net for more information.
gino vannelli masterclasses

2 Comments on “2017 Masterclasses with Gino Vannelli”

  1. I have admired your singing for over 30 years. I am just starting to take vocal lessons in the Bay Area. It has been my life long dream to sing and perform. I used to act and model in L. A. I launched my son into a great music career in L. A. and now feel that I should fulfill my dream, as time is flying by. I also started writing lyrics again after many years.
    When will you be teaching another master class and what is the cost?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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