Boys and I are in rehearsal tomorrow and Tuesday

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Boys and I are in rehearsal tomorrow and Tuesday. Got our first concerts of the year coming up in Florida this week.
Getting one last push from Old Man Winter.
Was out walking the Aussies and snapped this.
See you soon

38 Comments on “Boys and I are in rehearsal tomorrow and Tuesday”

  1. Flying from KY to Clearwater to see the show Friday. brush up on People Gotta Move, my favorite.

  2. Hi Gino,
    Looking forward to seeing you this Friday in St. Petersburg.
    I saw and met you a couple of years ago at your concert in Boston with my old Band Mates Todd and Mike McClenathan.
    Great show.
    Thanks for all the many years of wonderful music.

  3. Use ice! Great show in Bonita Springs to kick off the tour. Ross nailed the sound. It was perfect. You and the guys filled the hall with beautiful music. With much respect, Brigit

  4. Excited to see you tonight haven’t seen you since you played the palomino club in Charlotte NC. It was a unusual concert full house but not a club you might see you show up in. I remember a very funny thing that happen that night one of the waitresses there came be bopping down the isle in the middle of your show screaming at you to announce that somebody better move there car or its gonna get towed! Funny stuff but regardless you put on a great show.
    I will be sitting in row G in seat 8 and 9 its the handicap area my girlfriend and I. Each time I have seen you I was sick lol oh well its better then not seeing you! Looking forward to it! Its is one of my birthday presents. God speed see ya soon.

  5. Caught the show with my lovely bride at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater Florida last night. What an amazing talent and even a more capable band of professional musicians. A truly memorable event. Thanks Gino.

  6. Gino, really enjoyed your concert Friday night at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater.
    As I was leaving, I heard some people mentioned they wish you would have sung more of your earlier hits. One of the comments were “what happened to Powerful People, Felicia, Jo Jo? Yeah, I would have liked to hear Jack Miraculous!”
    As entertaining as the concert was, I tend to agree with some of their comments.
    With all the songs you’ve recorded, I’m sure it’s tough coming up with a set list.
    Just a thought, you may want to do what Steely Dan does some of the time, play a whole album as it was recorded. Maybe perform “Powerful People” in its entirety then adding some of your other hits.
    With that said it was a great concert. You guys rocked!
    The band was tight, nobody was mailing it in. You could tell they were loving every minute of it!
    Thanks for a great evening.

  7. WOW….hope the band has liability insurance. They blew the roof off the Capitol Theatre. Incredible set. Very cool vibe. Fantastic interaction with the audience. GV is always a must see when he rolls through FL. Anytime the weather in the NW gets ya down, come on back!

    1. Great photo Gino.
      I want to thank you for the superb concert in Clearwater. You and your band put on a tremendous performance! It was even more exciting meeting you after the concert! I hope you return to Clearwater again real soon!!!
      Your music makes me happy, you are an amazing talent.
      Love and Peace

  8. Gino,
    Saw your concert in Clearwater on February 23, 2018. Wow! It was superb!
    I had the honor of meeting you in the lobby after the concert, and you were so patient and generous of your time to allow us, your fans, to take photos, and be up close and personal with you after a power house of a concert. Not too many artists take the time to do that. I am still talking about the concert to my friends and co-workers.
    It had been many years since I had seen you, and your voice is amazing! Please come back to Clearwater again soon. I live in Tampa, FL…you are always welcome here of course! You look great too!!!! Thanks again for you and your music. Peace and love to you. Nancy xo

  9. Traveled from Raleigh, NC for the show in Clearwater FL. It was amazing. Gino, you look and sound fantastic. Your band…. unbelievable. A night to remember. You topped it with meeting us afterwards and allowing photos! Thank you

  10. Hi Gino
    For your March 24, 2018 show at Saban Theatre in BH, can I request you sing the following two songs the way it was recorded in your albums – “I Just Wanna Stop” and “Living Inside Myself”. Over the years I know you change the arrangement of these songs, but I’m old school in that way. Thanks

  11. Gino I bought front row center stage tickets to your concert at Saban Theater last year. I had little emergency so I could not go with my friends that I had invited to join me. I bought 8 tickets so they all were so thrilled with your show. My dear friend Jim Walker flutest from Titanic and every other movie score had never seen you in person. OMG Gino Jim was awed with your Hot concert and performance! You should reach out for him to perform with you. You can check him out with Paul Mc Cartney at academy awards when he performed Vanilla Sky with 3 musicians Paul personally called to invite for his performance. He did come up and talk with your band after show at Saban. Your Music has been the Road if my Life. I had so many chances to meet you over the years starting when you recorded at A&M when I was Bunny of the Year. Maybe I can finally meet my favorite singer songwriter in person since

    1. Wonderful show at saban on march 24 !! Your nephew and niece were so charming
      Thank you for signing my guitar purse. You are so generous with your fans.
      Wishing you good health and many blessings on your tour to Israel.
      My husband and I was in Israel 17 years ago our group toured with Sareltours and it was outstanding. Our guide’s name was Amir Tsarfati .Please check it out if you have some time .

  12. Gino,
    Will you ever play Birmingham Alabama…I am a huge fan sitting here at my desk right now listening to ONE NIGHT WITH YOU…I love your music!!

  13. Hi Gino,
    I attended your 3-24-18 performance at the Saban in Beverly Hills. Wow!
    What a treat. Because the music is interesting, detailed and powerful, the concert never feels dated. It didn’t escape me that you used a high-quality “wired” mic. Most use wireless, a fidelity compromising hit for sure.
    Originally being from Detroit area we would get the blast from Canadian radio station CKLW. At the time no one in the “states” knew of you.
    Early 70’s…I went to a clothing store in Toronto….Music was playing in the background. I asked the sales-lady: Who is that? She said: “That’s my Gino album”. I turned my musical family onto that years ago. We’re still all fans!
    We saw and spoke with Jay Graydon afterwards. He was knocked out by the performance and your virtuoso guitarist.
    What I do have a problem with is sound levels. I work in the movie industry in Hollywood and I know our movies are too loud. But live concerts these days are incredibly too loud! The acoustics of these old palaces are very live and the line-array speakers are extremely powerful. Off my high-horse for now…
    Great show! Your voice and the band was most excellent!!

  14. Gino, I wonder if you ever consider a concert in either Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or whereabouts. I live in Broward County and have been a fan since day one, but never seen you in person. Please consider it, I’m sure you have lots of fans in this area.

  15. Wish I had beautul area as close to where I live. I need to walk more with my walker or cane to get more strength in my legs and my left foo
    t I had a stroke in 2012.I saw you in Cleveland athe Hard Rock Casino hotel I was using my walker then you signed my Srardust in the Sand book for
    me Thank you.

  16. Wow!! I am so thrilled to see that Gino is still touring. I hope you come to the Southwest. I need a Gino fix. Haven’t seen you since the late 70’s in Pittsburgh, PA! Miss you Gino!!

  17. Gino, would you ever be willing to come to Providence and perform sometime? I would love to see you perform not only because I enjoy listening to your music but also because we are distant cousins and I would love to make the connection. My great-grandmother was Teresa Vannelli and I’m thinking that perhaps her brother may have been one of your uncles? I had the pleasure of meeting your uncle Vic many years ago when we went to the Catskill Mountains together. George was also there. Anyways, I would really like to make the connection and see you perform sometime. I live in North Providence Rhode Island and would be honored if you would come out here to perform.

  18. Flying from Sweden to Amsterdam to see your concert in Hilversum. Ive waited so see you live for 40years.
    Now is the time

  19. Have you considered coming to Kansas City. Very good concert town. Strong jazz, r&b history. You would be a big hit. Listened to you a great deal in the 70’s while in college and then family obligations took over. Now to the grandparent stage and going to more concerts again. Good luck on your tour and hoping you could come here.

    1. Actually GV has been in KC at least 3 times that I know of. They were in another lifetime. I was at all three there in the old Municipal Auditorium in downtown. The first was promoting Gist of Gemini, the second was Pauper in Paradise, then Brother To Brother. So Gino knows KC rocks even if it was so long ago. I don’t know if he’s been there since. Those were the good ‘ole days.

  20. I have been a fan since the 70’s living in a Detroit Ghetto …. You inspired me and still do

  21. Gino, if you’re listening I go way back with you. If you remember being in Kansas City back in the 70’s I was there kickin it with ya. You and Grahm were really an inspiration for me, and I’ve let him know as well. Your stuff is in my HOF. You never let me down with any drummer you have. Top of the line, man. Watching videos of you and the musicians you’ve performed with brings a tear to my eye.
    It’s always been puzzling to me how you haven’t gotten more recognition as a composer, songwriter, artist or entertainer in America. I know I’m not alone in thinking you deserve more. It’s hard to figure. You didn’t perform in mega stadiums or huge band festivals but everyone seems to know your name. I cranked your music one night, opened all my windows and I heard in the distance some women hollering and whistling their approval.
    You truly are a hero of mine, you’ve given me so much joy and I’ll love you till the end of time. If you are ever in Orlando, look me up 🙂

  22. The wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Gino again,this time at the Rose club in Pasadena.A great show as usual.We also got a dvd and poster signed along with meeting Gino for a photo. Just fantastic.Great band,show,production.The best.Thanks Gino.

  23. Hi Gino. In the past year have discovered some wonderful singers from the Netherlands. One of the goals from there is participating on Americas Got Talent. Her name is Glennis Grace. I also enjoy Rene Froger, Tino Martin and the Toppers. I started teaching myself dutch through these artist’s songs. I can now sing Jij liet me vallen and Laat me leven. Its is so exciting to speak another language.I actually have some Dutch heritage. My grandfather new a few phrases in Dutch. I also have Discovered the Beste Zangers programs and enjoy them immensely. I’ll be 65 in a couple of weeks and I am so excited for the next chapter in my life. Have a wonderful trip to the Netherlands. I’m hoping to go to Amsterdam next summer. Take Care One of your biggest fans in Ohio.

  24. Hey GinoLooking forward to you show in Atlanta Center Stage. Went to your Fox Theater shows back in the 70s. Absolutly wondeful music and concerts!!

  25. 11/26/2020
    Holiday Greetings Gino,
    Your holiday song “How Sweet The Silence is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.
    You met my sister Melody and I at the Mederi Gala on 11/22/19 at the Warehouse in Fairfield CT.
    I gave you a gift ( moon Glow bracelet).
    It’s a bracelet with the moon phase the day of your birth. My sister Melody had given you a beautiful crystal.
    The evening was magical. You are the most talented, gifted and blessed artists of our time!! I’m so grateful to have met you that evening. I am truly grateful you enjoyed my gift. I’ve seen you wear it many times.
    Your music has made such an impact in my life!
    We’ll meet again soon.
    Wishing you & your family a very healthy happy holiday season & blessed New Year!
    Donna Rossi

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