A few years ago I met a man named Donnie Yance after giving a concert at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. Turns out Donnie is professed as a Secular Fransiscan monk. Brother Donnie is one of the most respected authorities on herbs in the country. His knowledge extends not only to all medicinal plantlife but to mainstream drugs, their uses, both advantages and downside. He and his wife Jen run the Mederi Center, a clinic in Ashland, Oregon.

Donnie helped Tricia and me understand how to prepare best for Tricia’s recent cancer surgery, namely how to boost her immune system so as to enter the seven-hour long surgery with as much strength and stamina possible.

We are grateful to both him and Jen for their tremendous input.

As we all have seen from the daily reports, there are promising drugs and therapies regarding Covid-19, but in the end, none more promising than healthy immunology. That’s where someone like Donnie Yance comes into the picture.

Brother Donnie’s knowledge and advice can help anyone build a stronger immune system—at any stage in life. The Mederi Center home page is worth taking a look at.

Especially in times like this, it’s probably a good move to attend to the first and most elementary gift anyone can possess—a healthy body.

Stay safe and love to all


brother donnie yance

  1. cari gino e tricia, spero che tutto vada bene per la vostra salute e felicità. Mi auguro e prego che Tricia superi questa avversità della vita con grande forza. Incrocio le dita e vi abbraccio con affetto. Nadia Di Miceli

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  3. Hi Gino! I’m so glad you found someone with expertise in helping to build the immune system. I pray for you and Tricia daily: for the success of her surgery and the fullness of her recovery, and that God will grant you the peace, wisdom and strength to overcome these challenging times.

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