Buenos Aires

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photoWhat can we say, other than: Buenos Aires was the topping on the cake. The whole South America tour will make for sweet memories. We were welcomed more as family than musicians.
The folks at the Grand Rex in Buenos Aires gave us a big, fat homecoming hug. It all reminded me of my mother’s wistful face after returning from a year long stay in New York, back when I was 18.
After our two final encores, as we heard something like a loud soccer chant from the audience, the boys and I looked at each other behind the curtains, smiling, a little out of breath, and a little puzzled at what to do next. The band started calling out possible tunes we could do, like poker bets laid on a table. In the end, I decided no tune could possibly follow up the performance Rein, Damian, Patrick and section, Jay and Greg gave on the last song. So I simply walked back to the lip of the stage and tried my best to say in so many words that I would try not to wait another 40 years to return. (This was my first concert ever in Argentina)
We exchanged one last, long look and hug. I felt full.
Gracias amigos

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  1. Thank you for giving Gino a magical night filled with memories and mystical, for your musicians, who are “The Orchestra” that accompanies you and your charisma and education for us, thank you and hope to see you soon

  2. Gino: Although I easily understand your suprise seeing the crowd claiming for another song, you should know that there are a huge legion of fans of your music here in Argentina. Last night, we could appreciate that your voice and talent are intact, powerful and distinctive as always. Probably you don´t know that your audience the other night was plenty of argentine muscicians, most of them influenced and enriched with your musical art.
    We will looking forward for your next visit here in Argentina! Talent and quality are always welcomed!

  3. Un espectáculo magistral, como pocas veces se ha visto en Argentina. Escucho y sigo a Gino desde 1974.
    Fueron 40 años de espera. Mientras tanto, tenáimos sus discos y algunos vídeos. Amigos en Holanda (http://barendtreesverwaal.tripod.com/) que me acercaban un poco a él; algunos correos con Ross, que me prometía que pronto llegaría a Argentina.
    Por fin lo convencieron de venir.
    Pero esto no puede terminar acá. Con mejor promoción, Gino puede llenar dos Grand Rex. Es un músico muy respetado en Argentina.
    Por favor, ténganlo presente. En 2015 Gino debe volver a mi país.
    Un abrazo a todos lo que lo hicieron posible, a ustedes y a Supernova de Argentina.
    Luis Venosa (primer fan de Gino en Argentina; me considero el primero en promoverlo y hacerlo conocer a miles de personas en mi país, y es para mí un verdadero orgullo que a los 62 años siga manteniendo la calidad de siempre. Un músico con todas las letras!!)

  4. My two sons went to see you at Gran Rex theatre. They waited you for many years, from their youth. Now they are very very happy because ear and see to their admired Gino. Please forgive my english, Im a grandma near 70 and love your music too. Congratulations and return soon.

  5. Gracias querido Gino por regalarnos un espectaculo tan grande fuimos con mi señora mi hermana y mis dos hijos que te conocen por nosotros…..y se quedaron perplejos por la calidad de la musica con la que nos envolviste el alma ! Gracias por haber venido eso es lo que te grite desde mi butaca en la primera fila……y lo reitero : GRACIAS POR HABER VENIDO !!!!!!! Amigo Hermano !!!!

  6. Estuve en el teatro Gran Rex, y ver al Sr. Vannelli fue una experiencia extraordinaria¡..Su voz impecable, extraordinaria¡¡…Ojala vuelva muy pronto a presentarse en Argentina¡¡¡Fui muy feliz¡¡Thank you¡¡
    Shanti, Shanti Shanti¡¡¡

  7. Ver a Gino en vivo fue un shock, comence a escucharlo a los 15 y hoy con 49 sigo considerandolo un animal. Que show espectacular!!! Espero que el proximo año regreses. Gracias Gino!!!

  8. I’ve known you for many years, since the times of Cherizar…and then lost track of you..when Isaw the ad about your show at the Gran Rex I rushed to get the tickets.,I was absolutely thrilled and wondering what it would be like to see you and your band… And it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND MARVELOUS..Your skill, your technique, your creativity and sensibility were beyond imagination…me and my husband were…dazed..!!! And when it finished, I thought it had been so short having lasted almost 2 hours!!! I imagine your surprise at argentinian public ways of trying to make things last forever…we really wanted MORE!! But I can only imagine how exhausted you must have been after such a display of marveloussongs and dance and music from the band… Everthing was super, from minute one. I hope you don’t take 40 years to come back. You’ll fill two nights. And I’ll be in both. You’re a genious. I just love you!!!

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