Life is Messy (But Good)

In the year 2000, I received a call from Dick Bakker, the conductor and music director of the Metropole Orchestra in the Netherlands. I was asked to perform with the orchestra at a jazz festival in the city of Roosendaal. The problem was I had no formal

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Say Uncle

My father had three brothers, the youngest of which was Saverio Vannelli. I don’t know how the pseudonym, Vic, came to be, but ever since I can remember, Saverio was ‘Uncle Vic’ to me. There has never been a concert of mine in Montreal that Uncle Vic

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The House my Father Built

The House My Father Built

Went to see my mom yesterday, and on the way I passed by the house my father built in 1967. We moved into it when I was 14. It was the sum of his life’s work–his own Holy of Holies. Once upon a time, on a snowy,

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