The Dark and Wild Woods

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Along the shady wooded path,
Not ours to know what lies ahead,
Walk on we must
To and beyond what
Pit, fallen bough, or wooded creature we dread.
With a huntsman’s bow and quiver,
Straight spine and sure foot,
Whatsoever springs upon us
Overcome or not, we embrace as the way of the wild and dark woods.

18 Comments on “The Dark and Wild Woods”

  1. Beautiful words, beautiful woods. Moving down the path we occasionally stop, reflect and give thanks because we know there is light at the end of the path.

  2. Thank you Gino…beautiful words as always. Think about writing a song about the wood; you did so with the river….
    Greetings Andreas

  3. Beautifully captured sentiment! I have often hiked in the woods with a bit of trepidation and always felt great joy as I entered the clearing. You have such a talent for evocative imagery. I’ve wondered how you would describe water as the witness to the history of all life, melting from the peaks to the tiny crevices in the caves. Something we ignore in this age. Thank you for sharing your inspiring creativity. Tricia

    1. My husband. And I have. Spent my hours. In the woods . It s always. An adventure. In fact we worked in. Woods for days. ( cutting paper wood we were very young and worked long hours , loved every. Minute ,) I wish we could B. Back. There now . Thank you GINO. FOR UR BEAUTIFUL. WORDS

  4. Hi Gino, wish I had met you once. You were my first singing-teacher 🙂 I learned from you, from the album Storm at Sunup. Only short ago I heard you were living in Holland for a while. I didn’t know that… (shit)
    Well, my 4 years older Master, I wish you all the best!
    With love, Michiel

  5. “Straight Spine” wow, you really have got it going on, I missed out on discovering you back in the day as I was born in UK and in ’73. Great to at last find your music Gino, it’s the thing I’ve been looking 4! God and Chi etc bless your soul.
    With love and energies Simon.

  6. Hi
    I hope everything is fine
    I write from Brazil, from the city of São Paulo, and I have always been her fan, from girl, teenager and now more adult. Today I woke up with a song of yours in my head, and with your voice in my memory. I got to work and I heard your voice singing the music that woke me up in the morning. So … I decided to take a break from my work and look for you in this endless virtual world and I found you here. I found your blog … and I discover beautiful things and texts that look a lot like me, with my life. Like this one of the wild and dark forest … that is like life, because everything that comes upon us, good or not, overcome or not … life goes on … the show continues.
    To my Great Poet a giant hug with all my heart.

  7. This is a massage in a bottle, flowing in the ocean: Your music, your soul seems so near to the soul of earth. I felt this many ways, but so much extremly strong when being near to an ocean, and absolutly overhelming strong when being on the open water. What happens here? Enbrance you! Thimk wales will love your sound too. This sound is incredible. Save our brothers, the wales and all the other incredible creatures on earth and go on singing for them and for us!!!! Thank you so much.

  8. Love. Your prom . Thank you for sharing my husband and I have spent a lot of time there. Always an adenture .

  9. Mr. Gino, I have been a big fan since late 70’s when I heard your amazing voice and the instrumentation lead by your brother Joe. Loved the keyboards. I am of Puerto Rican ancestry raised in NYC. I mention this because music has been my spiritual conduit. Raised in R&B, Salsa , all types but my favorite are vocals. Brother the Almighty God has blessed you. Powerful People , Storm at Sunup , and the others albums have nutured me until this day. By the way in my journey from urban to West coast, I discovered nature and backpacking the Sierra’s , Rockies and other wildernesses soften my soul. Allowed me to trust nature. I learned urban environment is more danderous but having that peripheral city awareness and being able to lower the volume and listen to the sounds of nature when in it,man this is a gift from the Creator just as you are. Thank you for sharing with us and Blessings to you and yours always.

  10. Your poems show you are genuinely connected to Mother Earth. I always enjoy the written word. Thank you.

  11. Mr. Gino Vannelli, Happy Easter 2020, to you sir and your loving wife, son and family. These are a Strange time, Powerful People composition hiut it many moons ago. I keep you and yours in my prayers. If ever a moment permits pokease bring me up to the Great I Am. Thank you, respectfully submitted: Ramon

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