Join Gino on Facebook Live – Saturday, November 26th, 2022

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rex smith, gino vannelli, and mark thompson head shots

rex smith, gino vannelli, and mark thompson
Hello everyone.
We are going to have a Facebook Live chat with Mark Thompson (the Mark and Brian radio show) and broadway star Rex Smith.
Mark is producing a show at the Saban Theater on Saturday Dec 3rd. The main objective is to raise money to build new animal shelters.
The show will include Billy Bob Thornton, John Waite, Tyler Hilton, and more.
I have volunteered to be music director (something I’d only do for Mark and our fellow furry friends who have suffered much during the last couple of years.)
Come join us. We are going to go on about the joys and headaches of putting this together.
See you on Facebook Live on Saturday, November 26th at 2pm west coast time. (5pm EST).
Take care

Facebook Live:

4 Comments on “Join Gino on Facebook Live – Saturday, November 26th, 2022”

  1. Even in the daily horrors of this truly fallen world…I’m reminded of how blessed I am… my heart and soul rejoice in thanksgiving and praises to the Lord whenever I’m able to witness the beauty, gifts, talents and true love He has poured into many people…the courageous ones willing to express it all…that eternal wealth within that makes us rich…I get to live in that luxury…and Life Is so Gooood!
    Thank you Gino and all others keeping hope alive and remaining on the fabulous side of humanity!

  2. I dont know how to start this my husband is from Montreal and has always been a huge fan
    He and his mom (she is unfortunatelygone now) .followed you
    I would it forward with his daughter she lives in Quebec City and with Covid and everything else we can not afford to see one of your shows
    He hasn’t seen his daughter or grandchildren in over 3 years
    Dont know if its possible if you could help us out its is all i can
    do for him for Christmas

    Hopefully you see this and can help


  3. Cannot believe i missed this! I am a huge dog lover, advocate in every place i have lived and a huge fan of Gino! 🎤❤️

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