Getting Ready to Beat the Drum Again

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I left Damian Erskine (our new bassist) and Jay Koder (the new guitarist) to shed their unison lick during the solo section of Wild Horses while I went to get myself some liquid encouragement—two creams, at the coffee shop upstairs. By the time I got back, there it was, some countrified Coltrane string of notes that can’t help bring a smile to anyone’s face.  “Almost perfect,” I said, as I strolled back into the studio. In truth, it was perfect. But,  “you never know how much better it can get unless you prod a bit harder, about one inch shy of pissing someone off,” is my motto. (There are names for people like that.)
Been scratching my head trying to figure out a new opening to the show and where to put, let alone what other songs to add, to the new show.  So, I took a trip down memory lane, stopped at Nightwalker and found what I think could be the tune to jump-start the night—now, to explain the whole sequence to the lighting directors.  Tomorrow, rehearsals with the whole band begin, but for now, it’s off to a morning hike, work on the stage legs, maybe sing a couple of choruses of Summers of my Life to the yellowing trees.

14 Comments on “Getting Ready to Beat the Drum Again”

  1. I really enjoy this new feature on Gino’s website — We die hard fans love hearing from the master himself from time to time — Little tidbits and insights into his everyday life. So, thank you Gino — your multiple talents and willingness to evolve over the years does not go unnoticed by your long-time, faithful fans. I must admit that back in 1974-75 when I was “introduced” to your music and then attended as many concerts as I could, I would not have thought you’d still be doing your thing all these many years later. Not because you lacked the talent- clearly you have always had that in abundance — it was just that your image –sensual, steamy and sexual — (don’t get me wrong, you always made my heart beat just a little faster– but sometimes that goes to artists’ heads and the music takes a back seat. Not the case with you, Gino. It is clear that you have been true to your self, musically bucking trends and doing what feels right for you. I, for one, love that about you. You’ve still it, Gino, in more ways than one. Sorry, I just had to get that out– you are as talented and luscious as ever! Lastly, I’ve been coming across duets done with other artists in other languages, i.e., Gianna Bella, for one. Love it and many other treasures I’ve found. Keep doing your thing, Gino — K. in LA (gave you tulips at the end of show at Harrah’s in N.O. in 2007)

  2. Gino
    So grateful you are playing Portland. I’ve been listening to your music since 1975 and never seen you live. I hope you perform The Great Divide, Wayward Lover, the Last Dance. Thanks again for playing for the home town crowd.

  3. Listen to your music everyday during my commute. Big fan of your earlier recordings. I think I have every album…If you come to NYC, like to get you on CBS FM in the morning.

  4. Hi Gino,
    The the shows were amazing @ the Bear’s Den venue in Buffalo This room is a perfect for a fan; it is well planned, great sight lines and sound. Ross did a fantasic job on the sound. I really liked the new additions to the band it has created a whole new sound! Loved hearing Summers Of My Life live for the first time. Appaloosa totally rocked the venue!
    Thanks for tweaking the set list on the second night; it felt like a whole new show. Until the next time.

  5. Dear Gino
    I have seen you every time you have been in Copenhagen the last 10 year, but I wonder when you will be back again?
    You have made some of the best concerts I have ever seen, (e.i “Radiohuset”) and ou have a big audience here!
    Come soon!

  6. Gino, I too love the blog. In addition to your book of poems and comments this has to be your fan’s best insight on the workings of your mind. We greatly appreciate that. Love the fact you are back touring, I have been fortunate to see you every stop in Vegas, shake your hand, take the picture, etc. But the blogs tell us more about the man. I am sure we would all love to know more about the “black hole” period where you were out of the spot light for a while as you had your disagreements with the record executives. Thank you too for revisting your older works and while I truly appreciate the new music and look forward to more, there is something still so strong and powerfull in the early years. One suggestion, consider closing with “People I belong too” simple, yet powerful song that demostrates one of your core values, Family.

  7. Gino,
    Like most die-hard fans, I’ve listened to you since the 70’s. My one biggest disappointment was getting 3rd row tickets for your show in San Diego, California in about 1977 or so, showing up for the concert with a good buzz on (hey, that was back in the 70’s….lol!)….. only to find your concert was cancelled. I was depressed for months about that. I later caught your act in San Juan Capistrano and loved it.
    I am a singer myself (only in my dreams could I approach your abilities), but I have sang a song or two of yours at karaoke. I think you should release some more songs out to the karaoke world. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your music to people who might not otherwise have access to it.
    Gosh, I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I have taken a couple of your songs and, with some software, pulled the vocals out and have performed them at karaoke (please don’t sue me, as I’m really trying to turn people on to your music). I absolutely melted my girlfriend’s heart with my rendition of “Evermore”.
    Michael Buble (another of my favorite singers, but still doesn’t hold a candle to you!) has release many of his songs for karaoke and I think it certainly has helped get his name out there.
    The one thing I really admire about you is that you’ve mostly written and performed your music from your heart and soul and not just for commercial gain. While we all realize that it is your profession, I can’t help but think back to the book from many years ago, “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow”. You’ve lived that and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it!

  8. Gino, just purchased your new album “The Best and Beyond” – FANTASTIC! The band plays as if it is one person – amazing drums and bass – just great. When are you heading to Toronto? Can’t find a date listed anywhere. Am dying to see this stuff performed live. Way to go! So glad you are still kickin’ butt. Thank you for years of great music.

  9. I saw Gino in Niagara Falls on October 8, 2010. First time I have seen him in concert since he came to Cleveland Ohio back in 1977. It was the most amazing concert and he was such a wonderful man that he met all of us fans after the show and gave autographs and took photos with us. It was an amazing night and I really enjoyed meeting someone who is so humble in spite of his success in life.
    It was truly an honor to meet Gino.

  10. …and about Brazil? Did you ever met any Brazilian artist or musician?Do you like Bossa Nova songs, and any singers like Joao Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Ivan Lins?If yes, do you like our music? I saw a video from you playig guitar and singing some “bossa nova” like song. Will you ever be in Brazil doing a show for yours brazilians fans?I would very much like to know..Thanks.

  11. in 1975 i was driving home late on a Saturday with my girl who later became my wife, listening to a radio show in my home town of London called Back seat boogie, i remember the dj saying i am now going to play you 6 minutes of pure magic by an artist called Gino Vannelli the song Storm at Sunup,to say i was blown away would be the biggest understatement ever the next day i went out and purchased all the albums available at that time and have been doing so ever since. Thank you for the pleasure and magic your songs and voice have brought to me and my family, my wife and 3 children are also big fans! God bless you, ciao

  12. We have followed Gino since the beginning and last saw him in Las Vegas NV. Will you ever have another concert in the Los Angeles CA area, there are alot of followers here and would love to have you perform in our town. Also will there ever be another performance with just the brothers.

  13. Gino, every now and then I listen again to two of my fave songs of yours, Hurts To Be In Love and I Just Wanna Stop ..the best live versions of these I have ever seen were Montreal 1991..made even greater because Maxayn Lewis was honoured to sing with you. I can’t imagine these songs live without her. I share them on my facebook 🙂 One of my friends on there went to one of your Toronto concerts way back when. Please say one day you can fit in Australia in your busy schedule, you’ll make one little blonde girl very happy ..kisses and God bless xo

  14. Hello Gino. You have been my favorite performer since I was 11 years old. (’74) Your music still runs through my head. I produced a jazz rutine to a song off Pauper in Paradise. That was an incredible album.
    Thanks for so many years of exceptional productions.
    Utube is a great way to catch up with your music I have not been able to buy. Linda B.

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