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  1. Yes…That’s it…I feel the fire… you inspire, Gino (listening to “Valleys of Valhalla”) Wooow! I so love all that went into that song. The power and passion you put in that song…and so sexy as you know how to do it! I wonder if you would and how you would do that song today!!!??? I really enjoy Joe Vannelli on piano and the synthesizer arrangement. He’s fabulous. That entire album “A Pauper in Paradise” is an old school classic that I’m deeply in love with and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra part. Superb!
    I spent time earlier today enjoying the latest awesome work with Massimo Ranieri “Siamo Uguali” I love it! Your two strong voices really compliment each other. What a beautiful song. Also, I love the one with Brian McKnight in “Brothers In The End.” As usual Gino, with you, it’s the right vibe here and the perfect touch right over there…so wherever you are, and however you are, when you are doing your thing…You definitely bring it! And when you bring it…I gratefully groove to it. I smile and marvel in it. I sweetly rock with it. And I anxiously…like right now… wait for more of it from you…and when I get more of you, Gino. I’m always satisfied!!! Asante sana, Gino. (Kiswahili) Thank you very much, Gino.
    I saw you recently on Facebook 7/27. I’m glad for another chance on 8/10. You look and sound great. Hey there, Tricia…You awesome angel! And Hello to your dearest love, Anton. You are always in my prayers! All God’s endless wonderful blessings of Love, Joy, Peace, Protection and Healing (body, mind, soul, and spirit) to all of you, family, friends and wonderful fans. I Love You All.

  2. I really enjoyed this latest Q@A. A vast variety of questions answered succinctly and thoroughly. We saw you, my wife Julie and I, 3 years ago and we were very happy when you performed Put the weight live in a montage. I’ve seen you in Atlanta and Birmingham,al. Six times beginning with Brother onward and had never heard it live before. That is my wife and I’s SONG. Thank for all of your from the beginning. We love Canto , especially the song you performed for the Pope. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon.

  3. Beste Gino,
    Nu je in juni 70 bent geworden schrijf ik een stukje. We kennen elkaar niet, maar woonden in Breukelen praktisch in dezelfde straat; jij op de Dannegracht in het laatste kleine huisje. Dan zag ik je bij de Albert Heijn (AH) in het dorp en jij meestal met zonnebril. Zelf ben ik van 1946 en ben ik al langer een (grote) fan van je muziek en bezocht ik een aantal concerten van je. Daarbij waren een paar intieme concerten, zoals in die ‘kelder’ in Wijk C in Utrecht met Michiel Borstlap als begeleider. Ook een bijzonder concert was dat in het Beauforthuis in het plaatsje Austerlitz met de (blinde) Bert van den Brink op accordeon. Ook weet ik nog, dat je vrouw Patricia een keer (alweer jaren terug) bezocht in Breukelen; ik zag jullie lopen op de Markt en vermoedelijk kwamen jullie lopende vanaf het station.
    Gino, ik wens je nog vele gezonde jaren toe en dat ook voor Patricia(!) en feitelijk ben je nog ‘jong’ als we bedenken, dat je in de ‘seventies’ al beroemd was!
    Met een groet, Wim Lancee

  4. Missed the live stream unfortunately so I’ll just ask,can you play so cal three times every year.
    Your fans need you out there giving us a great time at the shows. Good wishes to everyone.

  5. Years ago I saw you in New Orleans and I would love to go to another of your concerts. Please let me know if you have another.

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