Gino producing new Massimo Ranieri album

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In the last few months I decided to lay some of my ongoing projects aside for a time and dedicate myself to producing a new Massimo Ranieri album. Massimo just completed all his vocals last Thursday. The vocal sessions were all done in Rome. I participated (and produced) in the sessions via Zoom—not like being there, but in light of recent travel woes, it will do. Very unique sessions, as Massimo and I communicate in French, my Italian being absurdly limited and Bohemian. The engineer and I speak English to each other. In turn, he communicates back to Massimo in Italian, and Massimo gets back to me in French. It’s a fine mess that works quite well. The final masters will be delivered by the end of May, for a fall release. You guys will be one of the first to get a preview. Think you’ll like very much. Have a beautiful Easter weekend. Enjoy whatever small gifts you have or could find.

Much love


9 Comments on “Gino producing new Massimo Ranieri album”

  1. Gino. Glad to hear that you are working on a project and decided to put your other musical things aside. Problem is I traveled from North Carolina to Clearwater, Florida to see you( 6th time) only to find the show canceled. Things happen and I understand that but the venue and your website mentions nothing about why. In fact, the site appears outdated. Why did you cancel?

  2. Hoping all is well. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you have gotten me through another wave of life and propelled me further in a positive way. You have always been there for me more than anyone could ever know, even you. Thank you. Wishing the best for you always. Sincerely, Ms. Billie

  3. My husband and I decided to see your concert in Ft Lauderdale FL in Feb 27 2022 and the concert was postponed and has yet to be rescheduled. We live in Maryland and had to purchase airline tickets and make hotel accommodations plus rental car. I feel the same as Bobby Baker that posted on 04-21-22 it would be nice if you updated your website. I even called the venue and they had no clue that the concert had been postponed. It is just sad that our money is in limbo due to your event planner. Maybe we will see you one day. Just very disappointed in this whole process.

  4. Beste Gino,
    Nu je deze maand 70 wordt schrijf ik ook een stukje. We kennen elkaar niet, maar woonden in Breukelen soms praktisch in dezelfde straat; jij op de Dannegracht in het laatste kleine huisje. Dan zag ik je soms bij de Albert Heijn (AH) in het dorp en jij meestal met zonnebril. Zelf ben ik van 1946 en ben ik al langer een fan van je muziek en bezocht ik een aantal concerten. Daarbij waren een paar intieme concerten, zoals in die ‘kelder’ in Wijk C in Utrecht met Michiel Borstlap als begeleider. Ook een bijzonder concert was dat in het Beauforthuis in het plaatsje Austerlitz met de (blinde) Bert van den Brink op accordeon. En ook weet ik nog bezocht je vrouw Patricia je een keer in Breukelen; ik zag jullie lopen op de Markt en vermoedelijk kwamen jullie lopende vanaf het station. Wat wel voor mij wat verwarrend is, is of Patricia nog leeft(?)
    Gino, ik wens je nog vele gezonde jaren toe en feitelijk ben je nog ‘jong’ als we bedenken, dat je in de ‘seventies’ al beroemd was!
    Wim Lancee / Breukelen / The Netherlands

  5. Happy Birthday Gino! So glad you are still writing, performing, and re-arranging your hits! Like a fine wine you have aged very well!
    Here’s hoping you will return to perform in western Canada sometime again!

  6. Hello Gino. I just wanted to say I’m delighted you continue to create, and I can’t wait until autumn when your newest project bears fruit and the music you’ve produced begins to be heard. About a decade ago, you came to the Washington, D.C. area and performed at a Dinner Theater in the Bethesda – Chevy Chase neighborhood. I had to cancel my plans to attend with my beloved bride Kathleen (24 years married come late August), and missed that golden opportunity. I do hope, with COVID-19 seemingly coming under greater control in these United States, that you will go on the road again in ’22-’23, and that you’ll return to the D.C. area so Kathy and I can see and hear you perform. FWIW, we’ve never been to Montreal, but ‘I Just Wanna Stop’ takes us there in our imagination, and Kathy and I are planning a bucket list trip to that wonderful Canadian destination – and hope to experience Montreal in Spring, or Autumn, along with your classic love song and some ‘epic’ poutine served from food trucks in the downtown area. Be well, keep keeping on, and know that your music takes me back to my late teens / early 20s, some of the most romantic days of my life. God bless you, Gino, and stay safe and well.

  7. Looking forward to hearing Massimo’s album. Hope you will travel to Boston . Best to you and your family.

    Buon Natale.

  8. Dear Gino,

    Belated congratulations on
    Wilderness Road.

    I am only just beginning to unwrap the many gems on this album .

    The writing , signing , supporting musicians and production is world-class .

    I applaud you bringing Justice awareness through your music and art.

    Again congrats and Thank you for never compromising .

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