Gino raising money for Operation Underground Railroad

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pauper-signedJust a note to thank all those who have helped raise over $3,000 so far for Operation Underground Railroad – an organization dedicated to rescuing children from the horrors of human trafficking. We have sold out all but three of these great prints of the Pauper in Paradise cover, personally signed and dated by Gino. These last three prints will be made available at the next concert just outside of Pittsburgh on June 20th. Check out Operation Underground Railroad for yourself.
* Update – Due to so many requests regarding the Pauper in Paradise signed cover art work, we have decided to make 10 more prints available on Gino’s Facebook and website. Please contact Loretta Murray at for all details. Again, 100% of all proceeds go to Operation Underground Railroad.
Deepest thanks, 

2 Comments on “Gino raising money for Operation Underground Railroad”

  1. Thank you Gina, Tricia and Loretta for accommodating me with the shipping and handling of this beautiful print with your personal signature. It’s framed and beautiful and cherished for my love of your music and what it supports. Thank You again.

  2. What a beautiful, happy cluope. The two of you are gorgeous. So glad that Gino supports you, that is so important. It really does take two. You should do a book signing in Daytona Beach, Fl Hmmm maybe on the Daytona Speedway, perhaps you could start the race or better yet sing. Your voice is so beautiful or do a signing across the way at Barnes and Noble. By the way can’t find your CD, ya should make more copies. I am so impressed by you, you are well educated and so talented. I listened to your voice overs, documentary and songs. Oh my!!! You are amazing. Your voice is so beautiful and clear. You should be very proud of yourself. I am sure Gino is very proud of you. Please do a signing in Daytona Beach, Fl I would definitely be there .if not maybe you could sign one for me after I purchase it; although would love to meet such a gracious lady. Anyway do not want to take up much of your time. Miss ya on QVC. Hope you are enjoying your new life and thank you Gino for supporting Lisa you have one terrific gal and she has one terrific guy. Good Luck to you both. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! God BlessFran

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