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The Art of Song & Art of Voice
After having given numerous master classes in Europe, Gino has come to the conclusion that it was time to do the same here in America—the only difference being, in an even more personalized and conducive atmosphere. Gino plans to set aside July 9th to August 9th 2012, in order to spend time passing on the tools of the trade he has learned and applied to his own career that has spanned the course of four decades.The idea is an intensive master class: to have no more than five students in each of the five, 3-hour classes, over the course of a workweek. This way, personal attention, can be devoted to each student, offering one on one conversation and guidance to each student. The classes will be held in the United States, at Gino’s personal recording studio in Oregon.  

Because of the recording equipment available, there will be recordings made of each student as part of the curriculum. The recordings will serve to document progress made by the students during the week. The students are free to take the recordings home to continue to learn from and study.  There will be two separate classes offered: one concerns the art of song, a comprehensive demonstration of techniques of songwriting, both musically and lyrically. The art of song will also entail harmony, chord substitution, rhythmic regard, thematic content, and some musicology, in terms of understanding the birth and evolution of song writing as we know it. In the same class, there will also be a good measure of focus on the composition of lyrics: what role, words, in regards to texture, rhyme, rhythm, scansion, story, theme, and singability, play in the crafting of contemporary song.The second class will be devoted to the art of voice: an extensive course in singing, complete with vocal strength building, phrasing, and practical methods and necessities regarding vocal expression. Note, these are two separate master classes. The Art of Song will be scheduled for mornings, between 10am and 1pm. The Art of Voice will be scheduled for afternoons, between 2:30 and 5:30pm. A student is free to apply for both classes if he or she chooses.In order that the class be comprised of serious and dedicated applicants, Gino will personally choose students for this 2012 course, after listening to a demo or any recording, (Mp3 or Mp4) submitted by the perspective student. Once Gino has selected the students, he will personally contact them via skype or telephone.The price of the master class is as follows:$1,250 for 5 classes given over the course of a workweek (each class 3 hours—15 hours total) Recordings are included.Gino’s management is available to help guide and inform students in regards to hotel and transportation for their stay in Oregon. Applications are being taken as of this week.
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  1. Hello,I will be in your part of the country for the Christmas hiyodals; I’m meeting a friend coming in from Australia and we’re both interested in attending class(es) while we’re in the area. I know it’s early days but we’d be very excited if you offer classes late December/early January. I will keep checking your website.Thanks and keep up the good work,Susan.

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