Here Comes That Day Again

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gino vannelli

gino vannelli

Coming up on that snaky day: you know, the one that creeps, crawls, sidewinds and rattles its rear end, then whispers, “Happy birthday!”
Honestly, it’s not as bad as it used to be. There is a turning point when one begins to count their blessings in lieu of carping about the relentless march of time.
I am nearly finished recording the new record called “The Life I Got.” We will be done by July. I have been co-producing it with Peter Fil, an artist/friend who lives in Athens Greece. Every day or so we get on skype and discuss each new track and what backing vocals Peter will do. I believe this will be my 23rd album. (The 24th is in the works)
Ain’t I the lucky guy to stir in bed during the early hours as the sun peaks through the mountain pine tops; climb out, throw water on my face, feed our cat from hell called Binx, butter my bread and down a cup of coffee, then march over to the studio, three hundred paces away.
I am very much looking forward to the coming fall dates—been too long. Rehearsals are scheduled for late August. Of course it takes a little prep work to ensure I’m not wasting anybody’s time and money while I’m on stage. I have often been asked about my daily routine, so I’ll let you in on my schedule—here goes:
Vocal exercises every other day. Fifteen minutes of making dumb sounds that drive Bodhi (our Aussie) mad.
He lays down with his paws wrapped around his ears, letting out random howls now and again.
Ten to fifteen minutes of jogging on the rebounder (3ft trampoline). Some weights.
Then thirty minutes of infrared sauna, turned to the setting, ‘Get your shit together’.
Shower, then studio till noon or so.
Before I get into making any sounds in the new studio, I sit at the piano and sing. Nothing like singing all out at 6am.
Four or five hours of music making, then three hundred paces back home for a little nourishment, usually accompanied by interesting discussions with Tricia.
Our topics range from the divine to the downright despicable. (recent dark politics included).
A bit of yoga after lunch to keep my bones from folding on me—at least not just yet.
Another 3 or 4 hours in the studio. (Bodhi is usually with me)
After dinner is when Tricia and I do some glute bridges and quad sits together. I am nonplussed by her ability to do her sits five minutes straight. I break before four.
We round out the day by doing some Atheq exercises together for about twenty to thirty minutes. Just so you know: I have had my own share of bodily problems throughout the years, ranging from debilitating neck pain, and the draining headaches that ensue, low back and knee pain, sleep problems, other matters generally under the purview of the nervous system. This is where Atheq helped a lot. (The Atheq protocol is a bit deep to explain, but here is a link for your own edification)
Once, at 22, I wrote, “Will I be strong, or barely keep alive when I’m 35.” The years have granted me the uncomplicated wisdom of knowing: it’s not the digits that define our age, it’s how we feel where we stand. Dump the social stigmas and find the bounce in your step. Who cares about the race between your jowls and butt to see who reaches the floor first. Life has many gearwheels, find the driving wheel that turns the entire mechanism. Be good to yourself and give the final lap meaning. (Uh oh, I’m waxing preacher here.)
In any case, I’m ready to get with the band and see you again. Miss you all.
Much love

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  1. Dear Gino, I sincerely hope you enjoyed your very special day with your beloved ones. I can hardly wait for more of your unbelievably impressing music and your fascinating voice. If ever you come to Switzerland again – I will be there. Take care. All the best for you and your family. Susanne.

  2. Thanks for adding the shows! My wife and I will see you in Cincinnati. Looking forward to it. The world needs your music today as much as ever to stop hating and remember we are all family.

  3. I’ll look into your methods to help our issues as we all get older. We hope you add more dates and locations to your tour. We have driven 4 hours to see you in Brampton, ON before – hope you can make it back to the Cleveland, Ohio area.
    You have a great following going back many years. Thx

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