Letter to all of the master classes

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Dear All,
I’ll try not to make this too sentimental.  Today ( Sunday)  I find myself mysteriously fidgety, having no notes to mull over, mp3’s to re-listen to, and names to try and remember. I suppose I am still in the instruction-collaboration-pawn my philosophy-blab till I’m turning blue-mode.  I must say, it has been a very meaningful and gratifying four weeks for me. I want to thank you all for coming to Portland and attending. The different minds, voices, skills, objectives, music styles, frustrations, and deeply held beliefs and wishes, have brought me even better understanding of worlds beyond my own. In other words, the education has gone both ways.   So much has been my enjoyment of not only the classes, but the chats at lunch time and the Friday get-togethers at Brickhaven, that I am almost positive I will not only decide to continue with the Art of Song and the Art of Voice, but to add the Art of Production, and the Art of Harmony to the curriculum in the future.   I hope you all will continue the quest for mastery of your natural-born gifts—for whatever reason—because to master an emergent (or forgotten) gift is to master yourself.
All my love and respect,

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