Making Wholly the Sabbath

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ginoThat was it! No more dark studios! No more blinding computer screens! No more guitars, keyboards, shakers, hand drums, two terabytes of software and virtual instruments–at least for the moment. I was determined to get out and enjoy the day. And you know, it’s a natural thing for some that sport blinders, like others wear shades, to forget how refreshing and practical this ‘day of rest’ business really is.
Tricia and I, and the two Aussies, went hiking in the thick, green Oregon wilderness on Sunday. The boys were a little over excited at first but managed to cool their furry heels by the time the hike was over. God, Fourteen month-old Australian Shepherds! If you could bottle that energy…
The sky was crystal clear with the occasional wisp to add a little flair to the nonstop blue. It was about fifty-five Fahrenheit. To think, I had to coax myself from spending more hours in the studio on such a day. Oh, the day did us all good. A few miles this way and that, up, down, over rock and stream, bidding hello to fellow hikers, runners, mild-mannered tree-huggers, not to mention your everyday Subaru-loving-Oregonian-Nike-clad-eco-terrorist—a beautiful thing. (We own an Outback)
When the hike was over, Tricia and I treated ourselves to one of our favorite lunch haunts in the Columbia Gorge. She’s a sockeye kind of girl, while I tend to swerve towards grease-drenched gourmet fungal plant life. Not for any reasons pertaining to largesse of the heart or a feat of extraordinary creature compassion on my part, mind you. They say heads of lettuce scream as they are yanked from their roots, so I suffer equal guilt devouring a leaf of Romaine as I do a 16 oz New York strip—more or less.
Though I walked with thirty songs or so bouncing off the walls of my brain throughout the whole day, it felt so much better to cut through the cacophony amidst the natural wonders—a most extraordinary canvas a Painter did ever paint—the idea that it is fleeting intensifies the beauty.
Palm Desert and LA are coming up this weekend. Got an itchin’ to get back on stage. Had a great rehearsal with Greg today. Feel perilously good!

10 Comments on “Making Wholly the Sabbath”

  1. A cozy day spent indoors with a quiet gentle snow falling outside. Started a large pot of cream of potatoe soup with old tunes playing in the background. Storm at Sunrise immediately transported me. Long story short, I have spent the last several hours reacquainting myself with your fabulous life of song. Wonderful videos and interviews on YouTube were watched while swaddled in blankets on this last day of February. You are as relevant as ever! Can’t wait to hear your new material. Keep it coming from your heart.

  2. Just returned home from your show at The Saban Theater and I have to say ” you knocked my socks off”! I’ve loved your music since my youth, but never had the opportunity to see you perform live. You are amazing and gave a great performance tonight. It was so good to hear all the old hits and I loved your stories. Please never stop touring and putting out new music. You are one of the modern masters!

  3. Très important, pour Gino Vanelli, personnellement !
    -Carlos Gardel disait que pour écrire et chanter sa musique, il écoutait le chant des oiseaux !
    -John Coltrane entendait le son des sphères célestes et c’est pour cette raison qu’il s’est mis à jouer du saxophone soprano !
    -Dans la méthode TOMATIS, pour faire entendre les sourds, seules les fréquences aigues de la musique de Wolfgang Mozart fait réentendre les sons aux mal entendants, car Mozart était un initié sans le savoir lui même et il vibrait à de très hautes fréquences !
    -Dans le film « Singing revolution », en estonie, en 1987, on a vu 1 million de personnes qui chantaient une chanson d’amour de leur répertoire, et cela a fait repartir les chars russes au moment où ils allaient envahir l’Estonie, alors que Gorbatchev et les généraux russes n’avaient donné aucun ordre de ce type !
    -Sous le Machu Pichu et d’autres lieux sacrés dans le monde, des êtres solaires stellaires chantent des mélodies célestes ou plutôt émettent des sons pour ouvrir les cœurs de l’humanité au son d’amour intérieur à chaque être sur cette planète !
    -Si Gino a envie d’entendre le son de l’univers, il n’a besoin que de se mettre ¼ d’heure chaque jour le dos contre un arbre adulte et écouter le battement de son cœur et de sa respiration en même temps et ne laisser aucune pensée lui traverser l’esprit et, peut être au bout de 6 mois, il entendra le SON, la MELODIE SUPPREME !

  4. Note from a new fan ~ I must admit I knew you’re top hits but didn’t really know your portfolio. This past week my wife (a big fan!) suggested we see your show at The Saban. From the start I was so glad we went to the show – I was very impressed and we had an excellent time. We both added you as a Pandora channel. While I’m bummed out that I went many years not knowing your music, I now have the great experience of discovering a new artist. We look forward to seeing you again when your in LA again!

  5. Love your music, grew up on it. I have never heard a head of lettuce scream but I have seen the gentle creatures of the earth weep before we string them up and cut their throats. I’m suprised with your obvious love and compassion for you dogs that you can look into their eyes and eat another creature.
    I guess we each have to draw our own moral line in the sand.

  6. Love your sarcasm and wit. Always the poet. Hope to catch your show in Maryland. Be well and happy music 2U.

  7. Gino, Thank you. I was at your Houston concert, Music Hall with dear friends 1976-77. Phenominal concert. Thank you for staying in touch. You built and build
    confidence. Intelligence and most importantly life,beauty, love and strength. I could say more but your music speaks volumes.Mario Rodriguez

  8. You go Gino!!! Have fun Family and Puppys and outdoors – we love u on the east coast – Looking forward to hearing your beautiful voice and your band May 9 – Ti Amo from all

  9. Gino,
    Glad to hear that you find time to connect with nature……we love taking walks on the beach here in Naples, Florida. I’ve been a fan since by mid teens, a time when disco was so big. I loved your music then and followed your progress when I lived in Europe. You managed to carve your own style of music… you won our love and stole our hearts. We drove up last March to St. Petersburg to see you and I could barely contain myself! The meet and greet made me so nervous, I could barely talk. Can’t wait to see you in Ft. Myers this December ( already bought our tickets ). Look forward to hearing your new songs!

  10. peace to you on this the true sabbath….God’s holy sabbath….the seventh day of the week…
    which is different from the first day of the week called sunday….
    but glad you had a great day with family.
    shabbat shalom

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