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I have met so many people after our concerts over the last couple of years asking about masterclasses. I’ve decided it is time.
As well as “the Art of Voice”, I will add something new, called “The Art of Production”, scheduled for the 10am to 1pm slot.
In this class I will demonstrate what has been my method of creating in the studio, including, my preferred instrument software, microphones, mic pre’s, compressors, EQ’s, and all other outboard gear as well as in-the-box- gear. I will demonstrate my method of programming, mixing, and mastering. After choosing a song, the class and I will ‘produce’ the song together. As in the real world, we will give ourselves a deadline–Friday, the last day of the masterclass. Even for the adept, I’ll suggest to take notes, as this class will entail much and move at a quick pace.
I will relegate the 2:30 to 5:30 segment to the Art of Voice. I have plans to conduct this masterclass slightly differently than I have in the past. As custom, I will ask the five voice students to submit a simple MP3 of a song they wish to work on, only this time I will personally tailor a piano track for each student. When the five vocals are completed, my intention is that each student will have a recording that will be world class, in terms of voice, piano arrangement, sound quality, and originality–something to be proud of.
See you this summer

Management: Participation cost $1500.00 per class, for any questions and to acquire the participation short form please email

4 Comments on “Gino Vannelli’s Masterclasses”

  1. hello to Gino’s team. I just read about Gino’s master classes and I am very interested in any future ones that will be planned either in Europe where I live (Paris) or in the US. Thanks for sharing details on how to be considered for future classes!

  2. I am interested in your classes, unfortunately I am in Los Angeles. Anyway please let me know .
    Thank you,
    Jennine Haskell
    17424 Burbank Blvd . #103
    Encino, CA 91316

  3. Hello Gino Vannelli and staff. I wish to attend your next master classes session. I have a 5 octave range with a disappearing middle that I must master for solid backgrounds and solo work as a versatile artist. My training comes from the Chicago Music College at Roosevelt University. However, working as a jazz and R&B club and gig performer can be challenging. I am a self made poet and lyricist always looking for great people to learn from and collaborate with. Please send master classes information to Deveree Greenwood to the email at Thank you!

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