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Meet my mom. Some lady! Still girlish, full of humor, and a crystal- clear mind at an age, if I would say, would be my end. Every Sunday Mom and I exchange a mouth-full of: politics, religion, civics, family matters, and usually top it off with a dirty Italian joke. Love you Mom. You’re the best.
Your son

10 Comments on “Meet my mom”

  1. She looks like so much fun!!! Looking forward to hearing your voice and your band in Glenside!!! hope you and your family are doing good – how are the puppy dogs? Ti Amo from PA

  2. What a lovely picture of you and your mother. So looking forward to seeing your show tonight in Annapolis. So grateful to have landed seats right in front. Buona Festa della Mamma!
    Ciao, Rita

  3. In October of 1975 I experienced the devasting loss of my 40 year old mother. At the age of 16 I discovered your music. I could get lost in your melodies,words and voice. This discovery got me through a very difficult time in my life, not as dramatic as Miss Lonelyhearts inAlfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window but enough to get me out of a Little Miss Lonely time in my life. As you know mothers are the glue that keep families together, especially Italian families.
    Fast forward to May 2015 and quite by accident I find out about your concert taking place in my backyard just 2 days before Mothers Day! Buona Fortuna! At the venue I learn that not only can I donate to a great cause of yours but I can have a “private” meeting with you to sign the very beautiful print that came with my donation. How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to meet and speak with a person that meant so much to you at a low point in your life and thank them for their unknowing contribution to the recovery that was very much needed by a teenager from Buffalo, NY?
    What a shame it would be if the misrepresentation of an over zeoulous vendor could change you from Gino Vannelli, the “prophet of music” to Shallow Hal. Rose

  4. Gino! The Annapolis concert was ‘delicious’ last night. Seeing you, for the second time in 38 years, and after much life experience, filled me with joy and inspiration! Thank you to you and your incredible band for a night of magic!
    Your music has given ‘voice’ to many emotions that I needed to understand. Your sensitivity and mystical ability to transport us to ‘other’ places is as strong as ever.
    Continued abundance, blessings, grace and peace to you and your family!
    I am blessed!

  5. Gino,
    Last Sunday in St Charles was very special. You helped make an amazing woman’s dream come true on her birthday no less with “I Just Wanna Stop” and boosted her back to where she belongs. On stage.
    Thank you so much

  6. Ciao Gino:
    I had the pleasure of meeting you in Boston last September. It was the thrill of my life. You were spectacular. A voice of an angel. I am hoping you will return to Boston this year. Your music is my happiness. Your mother is beautiful and you are so fortunate to have her. I am interested in finding out if music from Cherizar and Nightwalker can be purchased either in CD form or to be downloaded on an IPOD?
    Grazie mille for your exquisite voice and talent. Your voice is a voice of an angel.

  7. Hello Gino, let me begin by saying I am married to one of your biggest fans, you were his inspiration growing up so much so, that he himself is an accomplished drummer and vocalist, often playing along with one of your songs. We’ve seen you many times over the years and look forward to seeing you again in November in Mississauga – we’re Torontonians and share similar backgrounds, and we so relate to your stories.
    I have a joke for your mom…it’s in dialect, you can choose which one.
    La comare Filomena, e venuta pe nu caffe. A comare Lina ci disse, entra, entra, ca mo mi lavo I mani e poi lo culo…
    Take care, our best wishes for you always – Claudia & Mario

  8. I think a book signing would be great .and even bteetr if the QVC executives would allow you to sell it on air, as well as the book signing there. It seems to me that QVC doesnt seem too interested any more in their long time employees .and I for one get very mad they dont take care of the people who got them where they are today!!!Sorry you asked for brutally honest Hugs to you and Gino

  9. had the great pleasure to spend a evening with your lovely mother and your handsome father along with your brother ross in las vegas at caesars palace at the frank sinatra concert right after muhamad ali fought larry holmes we sat together after we spent the day with ross at the MGM poolyour parents were very kind to us (why not we were all italian) also you invited us backstage for your first appearance in Detroit at the ford auditorioum i am sure you remember that flight kind a like the storm at the sun up anyway i was playing your original music and i thought about that night with frank in las vegas

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