Meet the future Mrs. Vannelli

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anton vannelli with girlfriend megan
Hi everybody,
Just thought to share this piece of good news on such a day as today.
Megan wrote something you might want to take a look at. (link below) It shows her pluck to dig deep and attend to old wounds. (The only way forward)
It has also created an indelible bond between Anton and her.
Have a good 14th.
Love to all
anton vannelli with girlfriend megan

4 Comments on “Meet the future Mrs. Vannelli”

  1. dear Gino my name is Fabio and I am writing to you from Rome, a friend of mine was scammed a few days ago by some people who pretend to be you. Please write on this blog so that my friend Nadia gets out of this misunderstanding and is convinced that you are not asking for money but only people who use your image to make the notorious “love scams”

  2. Mr. Vanelli, what Fabio wrote to you on February is absolutely true and, unfortunately, still going on.
    Someone pretended to be you in order to “borrow” money from a fan of you (Nadia). We know that this is a scam but unfortunately the person that has been scammed refuses to believe it.
    Therefore, please write something and state that you are not actually asking for money to someone that you never met!
    Please give us a sign!

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