‘(More Of) A Good Thing’ Release Day – A note from Gino

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It was a cold and drizzly November day when I arrived in Amsterdam. When we got to the apartment my Dutch friend JJ found for me, I must have had an underwhelmed, perhaps even a shocked look on my face when we opened the front door and saw this rickety one-room, the classic picture of a deserted crack house. The 70’s waterbed didn’t help either. The city bus, just feet away from the front door, would cause a small quake and tidal wave every time it passed—great for jet lag.
So much for my misadventure into Holland, I figured, that is, until JJ brought me to Amersfoort (a town in central Holland). The long and short of it is: my couple of weeks incursion into the great unknown turned into two and a half years (with the help of a very understanding wife.)
A Good Thing was the outcome of words and music that began to pour out of me after a few months of doing absolutely nothing and keeping my piehole shut. Living rather monkishly has its definite perks. I suggest it, at least once in a while
About a decade later, Claude Villani at SRG Records called to tell me how much he loved to listen to A Good Thing. We both decided that A Good Thing could even be made better (especially in light of it never being released in North America.) So I added four new songs, edited and remastered the original recording and here we are, release day, and ‘More of A Good Thing’. I hope you enjoy listening to the record as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it.
Love to all

(More Of) A Good Thing, Now Available

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4 Comments on “‘(More Of) A Good Thing’ Release Day – A note from Gino”

  1. OK, I finally understand, what he meant that he liked making a whole album, with a theme, cause this is surely that. And I enjoyed it unbelievably, as a whole. Man,..nothing like realizing something like this in truth.

  2. The new version of a river must flow is absolutely wonderful! Brian’s voice really adds a touch to that song and the video is absolutely awesome. Thanks Joe you did a great job! I hope you get to tour soon if you do please come to the Woodlands Texas I’ll be in the front row.

  3. What happened to “wild horses” on Spotify? The regular version has been replaced with some weird jazzy version that is so hard to beat compared to the original which is one of my favourite songs ever. Please replace it!!! Xxx

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