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Gino glasses     How time rushes by! Hard to believe it has been nearly four years since the band and I have played Las Vegas.  It’s a big, big world, especially when you have to show up in the flesh. (You know you’re travelling a heap when all the airlines keep sending you more and more piles of gold and silver–plated rewards cards.)
Seems to be a sane flight today—late afternoon. Time to run the whole show at the piano, maybe even romp with the Aussies, who by the way, have just turned a year-old this week. They now insist on me playing tug-of-war with them, taking me on as a team. Totally unfair and unsportsmanlike. They cheat. They both keep accidently nipping at my fingers, so as I lose grip. Then, with that sweet, lamblike look in their big, baby blues that say, ‘Oops, sorry boss, besides, it wasn’t me,’what can I do but smile while I bleed a little.
After Las Vegas we leave immediately for Chile and Argentina. Although I’ve been to both countries in the late eighties for promotion and television, I’ve never done any live concerts there. I honestly don’t know what to expect. Anything could happen. Let you know.

10 Comments on “Off to Las Vegas”

  1. Gino,
    Carole and I had a great time in Niagara, all 3 shows were total perfection. Our regards to your lovely wife Tricia, I had the opportunity to meet her @ sound check on Saturday, she is a doll!!, and of course brother Ross, you couldn’t ask for a better Wingman!! Loretta just let me know that they are in Vegas with you, her and Keith are wonderful people. Have a great show tomorrow with the band, you travel with the best!! Safe travels to Chile and Argentina, have a blast!!
    God Bless,
    Sam & Carole

  2. Hi Gino, I’ve not tried to leave a comment at your website in a long time, but I want to try this out. I just got back from New Orleans where we are indulging in design trend analysis trying to find our next direction. After a week with some There-are-no-coincidences moments with #GinoVannelli history in New Orleans, more than one designer, not even me, suggested we include your music in the conversations, images and clips we give away to customers to guide them in the culture with our annual trends presentations. More than trends, we try to push the envelope a bit to create something new from the references and you are in it big time because that’s what you continue to do. I haven’t really found a whole lot about the time when you were a celebrity King in a Mardi Gras parade, but I’d like to know more if you have time to think about it.
    Meanwhile, have fun with your puppies. I know they don’t want to hurt you. You did pick a pretty energetic breed I think?! I’m jealous of the crowd that gets to see you in #lasvegas tonight. I bet you will have a blast in South America. How can we get you to North Carolina?? Great photo btw. all the best!

  3. Hello Gino,
    I always enjoy reading about your latest adventures. The crowd in Vegas is so fortunate :). I’m currently in another “Gino Kick”…where I just can’t get enough of your music. last night, I dabbled in Gist of the Gemini, Pauper in Paradise, Powerful People, Storm at Sunup and then some Yonder Tree. Omens of Love was just sending me! I’m always amazed at how astonishing your music is…and sometimes I flat out bust out in laughter when your singing is just too awesome for me to take. I found a recent live version of “One Night With You” on Youtube and just loved it…felt like a kid in a candy store. I am slowly bringing my kids along musically (they are 9 and 12…although in many ways they are bringing me along). They are starting to hear bits and pieces of your music. I can’t wait to introduce your body of work to them. All the best to you my inspiring friend. Peace and joy…Jason

  4. Hi Gino, have to say my wife and I are still talking about your performance in Las Vegas last night! We could have seen you in Boca Raton March 2013 but I was trepidacious to revisit an icon from my youth some 35 years later. Wow, was I off base on that count! You absolutely rocked it last night! Not only did you sound awesome but man, you have the elixir of youth! We will definitely not miss the next opportunity to see your show!

  5. Dear Gino, thanks for coming to Chile, I went to two concerts …. but certainly you gave at the Grand Casino Monticello elevate you to glory, that great musical quality and possess beautiful and powerful voice .. ..I am still in ecstasy … I hope my mind over the years keep this moment forever ……
    Affection and love

  6. Gino;
    Saw you in West Palm Beach at the Kravis Center..was a very special night for me. You see my husband passed away 22 yrs. ago at 37 yrs. old with lung
    cancer. We literally fell in love to your music, so to see you live after all these years, I felt he was back with me for the night. Erich (my hubby & soul mate) just adored your music. I met you after the show, I was the little redhead at the front of the line. But people are so rude, I didn’t get a chance to speak to you. But I so wanted to thank you for your beautiful music all these years. Had to hold back the tears when you sang Living Inside Myself but it was worth it—every second!! God bless you and your family.

  7. Geno,
    I have tried to fit your upcoming February 28th LA show into my schedule; but it won’t work. When are you planning to come to the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area; you will fill the venue!

  8. We will welcome you back to Las Vegas in style once you arrive. It has been much too long since we last were able to see you. It is a great venue and we really look forward top seeing you.

  9. Mr. Vannelli, my husband who is in a wheelchair & myself would love to see you in concert sometime in California or Las Vegas. If there are any VIP tickets available sometime, we would love to be able to attend. Please keep us updated as it might happen. We love watching your videos, but it would be an incredible night to see you in person. God bless you & your family. Teressa & James Bates

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