This is a photo of Patricia, Anton (a year-old), and Gino, taken in the late eighties

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This is a photo of Patricia, Anton (a year-old), and Gino, taken in the late eighties while Gino was doing a cross-Canada press tour. Anton loved every minute of it.

14 Comments on “This is a photo of Patricia, Anton (a year-old), and Gino, taken in the late eighties”

  1. Beautiful photo – How is your puppy – I love the innocence of animals – My husband and I are really looking forward to hearing your voice and your band at the Kezwick in Glenside, Pa – TiAmo

    1. My wife and I just saw Gino in Annapolis and his concert was fabulous! His vocals are still superb and he is such a showman!
      I have been a fan since I was a teenager and as a fellow Canadian I am very proud of him!It was my 3rd time seeing him and it was his best show ever!
      This family portrait is beautiful!

  2. Hi Gino
    Thank You sooo much for your Music which has such an Impact on My Life, I hope one day I will be able to meet You, I seen You Perform at The Hilton in Las Vegas a few years ago You where walking in front of My Wife and I but You where heading to do a Sound Check so I did not want to bother You, My Brother played “Storm at Sun Up” album for Me in 1975 and I was so amazed! of such Great arrangements, I play Drums so I Love Graham Lears Drumming, I am a Video Editor/ Videographer if there is any way I can help You all let me know? You and Your Brothers make Great Music, God has really gave You all Amazing Talents.
    Thank You
    Your Life Time Fan
    Bob Nielsen

  3. Saw you in concert in Detroit,Michigan back in mid 70,s @ Ford Auditorium,awesome show and I was hooked on your music with i heard the Storm At Sun up Album. Love you music it is so intense. Your musics scores and lyrics are incredible.

  4. Hello Gino: My late husband and I saw you in concert in Toledo, Ohio several decades ago..he did not know who you were, and was quite upset. However, after your first song, he turned to me and said “Ok, I get why you love his music”. Occasionally, I would find him playing your CD’s. Just hearing you on Pandora brought back this wonderful memory. Thank you Gino for your beautiful velvet voice..Hope to see you in concert again someday.

  5. To me; Gino is the exact replica of the first man that God created because he’s a perfect and beautiful male specimen physically.

  6. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard Gino on the radio for the first time.His music takes me to a good place. Love him. Seeing him sing in person is on my bucket list. Please come to Oklahoma Gino.

  7. Greetings Gino,
    I remember the first time hearing you on the radio as a teenager. “Powerful People” was the song and that line, “…nowhere to go but my room,” against the melancholy –draw of those chords; I instantly connected to your sound and knew there was something unique and intelligent about you and likewise became a lifetime fan, albeit a distant one at times. During the quarantine, I stumbled upon “Long, Dry Season.” It has reaffirmed all those initial feelings and observations about you. I began to research the last few decades of your life and read about your musical and spiritual journey. The old CBC documentary “Man Alive” was quite provocative. I am still a practicing Roman Catholic but have gone through the same struggles with my faith and this notion of perfection which, by definition, is the ultimate paradox. I was amused to discover that we both ended coming out of that journey with the same resolve, more or less. I agree that reading, seeking, and questioning is our duty. How else are we to make that mindful connection when the time comes?
    Musically, you have never stopped, as you describe yourself as having OCD tendencies. Like you, my love of music came from what I was exposed to as a child. My parents played all kinds of different records from every genre. I especially remember the Herb Alpert records, it is funny to think about how important that person was to become to your life and that eventually you would become an important part of mine. So let me close by expressing to you that I appreciate all that you have done and are doing. As a lover of classical music I truly loved ‘Canto.” You wandered into the land of the greats and found your place. ”Wilderness Road” is to be cherished for its poetry, powerful lyrics and jazzy coziness. Who else could put that together, but you? I am planning to see you in concert at some point. I hope you are finally allowing yourself to accept the fact that you are blessed among men.
    Most sincerely,
    From Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

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