The Power of Innocence

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Bodhi at 10 weeksThere are more reasons than I even imagined for having Bodhi and Link come into our lives. Of course, there is the obvious: play, running, roughhousing, getting the brain off the sometimes dreary business at hand, and so on, but I now suspect that something deeper has been at play, namely, the power of their innocence—something I have been missing for quite some time.
It’s easy to throw in the towel to tragic and perverse world events. To keep one’s eye focused on the dark state of affairs—to fuss about the future—to be a bad news junkie. It’s easy to come to the gloomy conclusion that no one or nothing makes a real difference anymore—a downward spiral being inexorable, and inevitable. But my better instincts, mostly silent amid the fracas and fury of everyday life, are that: murmurs of hope and promise, ingenuity, invention, the spark of imagination, the endless march and narrowing chasm between science and faith, all usually ignored by most prime-time talking heads and men of letters, are waiting in the shadows, at any given moment ready to rise out of the mud and pulp.
These days I read out loud before I nod off. (I think the boys like it.) I’m fascinated by the lost gospels discovered at Nag Hammadi, carbon dated 50 to 100 ad. Such an interesting change of perspective from the usual: how a woman, in this case, Mary Magdalene, plays such a key role, according to these parchments, in the furthering of a burgeoning new philosophy that would build a great civilization in the coming two millennia. How the men surrounding her were envious, and in some cases, downright hostile toward her, regarding her station as a woman having rank and privilege and a unique relationship with Christ. I read on, a bit amazed, wondering if the lost scrolls, if ever introduced to and understood by the mainstream would be the old guard’s ultimate undoing. We’ll see.
I admit that some of my interests are somewhat off the beaten path, strange to some, and not exactly Billboard pop-chart-bound. At times my ‘leisurely pursuits’ are quite baffling and out of whack with my life as a musician. Yet, when I look into the innocent eyes of Bodhi or Link, I somehow know that whatever I am after, whatever dark, winding road lies ahead, whatever puzzling pages need be turned so as to have a better grip on myself and the world around me, those innocent eyes express so simply what I deeply sense has been here long before the inception of the stars in the heavens, and will live on way beyond our time.

20 Comments on “The Power of Innocence”

  1. Animals add so much enjoyment to our lives. We need constant reminders that we are here to experience joy.Too often we allow the negativity of our society to distract us from the beauty that is all around us.
    I am happy that you have your dogs to give you a respite from the demands of your career.

  2. You should also take a look at :
    “Beyond Belief-the Secret Gospel of Thomas” by Elaine Pagels
    Also by Elaine Pagels – “The Gnostic Gospels”
    “The Jesus Dynasty” by James D. Tabor
    “Holy Blood Holy Grail” by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln
    “The Treasure of Rennes-Le-Chateau” by Bill Putnam and John Edwin Wood
    “the Templar Papers – Ancient Mysteries, Secret Societies, and the Holy Grail” by Oddvar Olsen
    “The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau” by Tracy R. Twyman
    “The Jesus Papers” by Michael Baigent
    You can probably get all of these on Amazon………
    Also, I loved ‘the Power of Innocence”!

  3. Bona sera,
    Yes, animals give us that love we need and they want it too. I saw an interview you did, questioning god. Well I too question god. Praying to the invisible man
    who sometimes ignores our request’s. I could go on forever. Gino I just love the way you write. Bello.

  4. Clearly you have a tendency toward depression, a very common problem for artists, especially for the highly gifted. Prozac is probably out of the question since you cannot allow your creativity to be suppressed, so stop reading the newspaper and watching the news. This should help the darkness (child of a musical prodigy who inherited many musical gifts and the inner struggles associated with “the dark.” There are plenty of people in the political world who deal ineffectively with the problems of the world – it was ever thus and you cannot change that. All you can do is make your little corner of the world brighter, but you can’t even do that if you are carrying darkness with you. Put it down and leave it down. The problems of the past, present and future of this Earth are not of your making and will still exist after your life here is long over, yet you give yourself a life sentence for matters you did not create.
    I suggest you read the original A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking. Let the author take you on a one of a kind journey of creation and hope. See if this book doesn’t make you feel better. In the meantime, focus on your music, your family, and be assured that, one way or another, there is much more to life than the experience you have lived, are living or will live, you must have faith in that. You know, truly gifted musicians already have the greatest gifts which can be bestowed on an individual. If all you do is put a smile on someone’s face, you HAVE changed the world.

  5. By the way, LOVE It’s Only Love and Right Where I Am.
    Great story in the lyrics, which are never trite or expected, wonderful rolling melodies in the simplicity of their complexity, exceptional arrangement and performance. Both songs are always fresh to my ear, and I listen to them often. The entire listening experience is both fun and amazing. I think if you put an entire album together in that vein, you’d find it a great artistic and commercial success.
    I have rethought my earlier comment – go ahead and just try Prozac (or another in the same class) for a few months to see what happens. You might be surprised by what it can lift you to. My dad (the prodigy) had to take Lexapro in his later life, and it only made him more creative in certain areas of his artistry. I know Prozac, et al, helped me away from the “dark” and into an more joyous experience of life and creativity. But in our case, depression from chemical imbalance had galloped unabated through the family tree until I figured out what was going on and took action to change that. What you find is that you were really just looking for yourself all along, but you had been caught in some state slightly out of step with your truest self. You think if you do this thing or read that book or any of a million combinations you will feel better, be better. None of that works unless brain cells are communicating in exactly the correct manner. This IS the truth. I hope you will consider my suggestion. Hey, if after 90 days you don’t feel a lot better, go off the RX. Good luck!

  6. I sent comments earlier but I guess they didn’t pass muster with the moderator since they are no longer available to read.
    My suggestion to Gino is to read A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking, the original version published in the early 1980s. It’s a life changer in ways you wouldn’t expect at all. It reminded me so of the story of finding the tomb of King Tut: Howard Carter, while peering into the just discovered tomb, was asked by his assistant, “What do you see?” Mr. Carter replied, “Wonderful things!” When you read Hawking, you realize you are getting a tour of his mind and limitless power of thought and philosophy. It’s so very intimate.
    Good luck!

  7. It was a tough row to hoe especially given Christ’s death, Judeo-Roman culture and the house churches, run and financed by women. Paul had to eat a great deal of crow but I imagine he thought it was worth it given his belief that the world was going to end very soon and his quest was to bring as many as he could to Christ.
    If you want to read something interesting, pick up a copy of In Memory of Her.

  8. The world has many parts – the dark and gloomy is just one of them – creeping silently like fog on a cold morning. We wait for the sun to warm the ground until we can see things clearly again. And then it changes once more..
    Thank you for not giving into the darkness but examining it, tasting and touching it, then converting it to hope.
    I appreciate your beautiful crafting of lyrics and melodies that continue to inspire us.

  9. 6 years ago my son was gunned downed while trying to help raise money to help a couple of friends to pay for their spouses funerals. We were having a car and bike show. He was in the Navy and had a great career going on. Me and my wife after his death got 3 dogs that helped us get trough this tragedy but most of all our Christian faith and God was the greatest help. Gino don’t give up on God, he is there to help you in what ever you need. Back to dogs. Dogs give you love no matter who or whatever you are. When God created dogs he got it right. He never makes a mistake. I will see you tonight in LA, CA. Can’t wait and getting very excited.
    May God bless you and your family in all coming the years.

  10. As a true animal lover – may I brag I have 2 cats that I saved and true to form they saved me right back – everyday they make me crack up – I feel very lucky for Sammie and Sophie – So glad ya have those beautiful puppies – See ya soon in Glenside, Pa – Have fun Gino!!! And Ti Amo to all

  11. God Bless you Hank Dandini – Very touched by your story – I say prayers – Isn’t it funny how Gino will bring us 2gether – Here is a Hug to you and your family and your puppies too!!!

  12. I just love you Gino. Your love of life. You’re Thoughtful and I mean full of thought. I became aware that my soul knows your the age of 7, when I wasn’t even aware of you. I heard your voice for the first time, on Valley of Valhalla, I was at a party at my aunt and uncle’s home, this song came on and I was held captive. I played it over and over. And my family said to me, “why do you keep playing this song over and over?! Stop! I said, cause I know him! They said Huh?..How? At age 7, All I could say is from ‘somewhere’ I dont know, but I do! This was before I had any knowledge of spirituality, reincarnation etc.. As I read of you and listen to you I’m so in touch with you. As I read your blog of Bhodhi and Link, I giggled some..I have called my son Link ( real name Samuel) since the day he was born. Dont know why really, it just came out. Anyways G. I will be seeing you in Austin Tx. Nov. 13th M&G. Cant wait. Love you Always.. Jessica.

  13. whenever I see your puppy’s head I feel better! How cool is that – What a face – Looking forward to hearing ya in Glenside – TiAmo to all

  14. So glad your puppys have given the gift of innocence – At 56 yrs I still can watch the wizard of oz and be afraid of those crazy monkeys – and of course when Dorothy sang – she just blew my mind – Cheers to a simple life and of course The Sound Of Music

  15. Hi Gino
    You should try to follow the path created by Eastern Church spirituality, where you will find what you are actually looking for without being deluded by trends and intellectual fascination.Metaphysic and mysticism of Eastern Orthodoxy
    See writings, Fr.Seraphim Rose

  16. We live in a fallen world, don’t we? I want to thank you Gino for three amazing songs, Living inside myself, I believe, and put the weight on my shoulders. Such testaments of faith are gifts and inspirations to all of us and great reminders of where to turn our attention when we are looking for purity, love, and strength. I admire your faith and am grateful for your works of faith.

  17. Gino – Sometimes in our lives God puts us through trials to test our faith in Him. I.e. loss of loved ones that will be missed seeing in the world and in your case at this time loss of pets lives. I understand that it is sad and there understandably times for mourning (Ecclesiastics 3:4). I pray that through these trials we face that God puts us through, we grow stronger in trusting in God (James 1).
    Ignore the advice of those comments above that suggest you to worldly books to consult (Steve Hawking was an atheist when he wrote those books). They espouse temporary feel-goodish worldly myths and will do you no good. God’s love is never ending and His word (the Bible) understood in the correct context is far greater than gold and is supernatural. He comforts those with his word, infinitely more than the best physician in this world.

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