Gino giving away Songbook Volume 2

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36 Comments on “Gino giving away Songbook Volume 2”

  1. WOW! merci beaucoup. Gratuit.
    Big thanks Gino. and free…
    Great Christmas guft.
    Have a Merry Xmas to you and your family. 🙂

  2. Gino, please consider a Christmas album of standards and covers! I would love to hear you sing some of the great classics holiday songs with an orchestra!

  3. Gino, thank you so very much for your generosity! I am so thankful for how open and gracious you’ve been with your fans. For so many years, we only had your music, as wonderful as it always is,to tie us to you. Now you are touring frequently and producing and releasing more glorious music,poetry and glimpses into your life. Mille grazie, forever grateful!

  4. Gino, your generosity is astonishing – thanks for this marvelous gift! Loved the time spent with you at your Portland studio. This will be like having you present in my studio in Edmonton! Bob

  5. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful, generous thing to do. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your amazing music.

  6. We just downloaded your 2016 Songbook, amazing. Thank you for your generosity. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2017. Any chance of your return to WA state next year? Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you, your family and the band.

  7. Gino, Thank you very much for volume 2 of your songbook. I was hoping it would have 30 songs again like volume 1 but I’m just glad to get even one new chart, I got 14 this time so I’m not about to complain. It seems that we have to wait until Christmas time every year to get more accurate charts for your extraordinary music. When you release volume 3 next year could you PLEASE include the following suggestions ? ” The Measure Of A Man”. ” Venus Envy”, “Summers Of My Life”, ” I Believe” and could you Puuuuuulease include ” Tender Lies” ? I hope you read this and I hope you have a wonderful new year. Bob Carr, Trenton New Jersey.

  8. Once again you astonish me! What a wonderful gift; I can’t stop watching and listing. Beautifully put together (Ross – nice job). Thank you for all the beautiful music you’ve created, produced and performed over the years and for continuing to tour in 2017. Looking forward to the release of your new recordings and concerts this Spring.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, your family and the entire GV organization.
    With love and respect,
    Cleveland fans Deb and Steve

  9. Thank you so much Gino!
    Your kindness is appreciated!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!
    See U in Scottsdale Feb 10th!
    Be Well
    Joy Edmonds

  10. Bonjour Gino,
    Un grand merci à toi… Tu sais combien tu comptes dans la musique et c’est véritable bonheur de jouer tes hits.
    J’ai déjà fait des arrangements avec mon ami Laurent. Avec ces nouveaux documents nous pourrons aller encore plus loin et faire honneur à tes compositions.
    Bien à toi. Kind regards

  11. Thanks so much for the songbooks. I have been a big fan since 1974. Storm At Sunup was such a mind-blowing album for me. I think I put one of your kids through school when your catalog was released on CD. I saw you once in Atlanta in 1978 at The OMNI and twice in New Orleans. I got to meet you both times. You were at Harrah’s and The Mahalia Jackson Fine Arts Theater. Ross had you guys killin’ it. My daughter was blown away!!! I am still studying last years songbook and it has been getting a lot of use. I love your music and it makes a wonderful composition study for some of my students. Thanks for all the joy you have given me!!!! Have a great New Year….
    Tony Cooper / Macon, GA

  12. Dear Gino,
    thank you so much. Adorable!
    I love your wonderful music for decades.
    Come to Germany, we miss you!

  13. Thank you! I have been a huge fan since the 70’s. Only tune missing is “Surest things can change”. Maybe you will do another volume and definitely include this one. It is my favorite.

  14. The interesting thing is that Gino writes and sings as a screenwriter for film.
    It is always a broad landscape of a production. These takedown lead sheets are quite good. The song melody, and chord structures are everything! And THIS is what I really enjoy! “Living Inside Myself” is in itself in 2 different keys and seems so natural. I am glad the public is re-discovering this excellent musician, songwriter and singer!! “Ugly Man” terrific song and arrangement! Actually YouTube has a guy singing a cover while the keyboard player plays the wrong chords! Ha! Well at least they are performing it. I am currently reading the charts while the songs play. How Excellent.
    Thanks Gino!

  15. Merci beaucoup pour tout ce talent, ces chansons, ce sentiment. Pour toutes ces années de plaisir en esperant entendre encore et encore celles qui manquent pour venir. On vous attend en Espagne.

  16. Thanks Gino. My high school friend passed away recently, and the only music played at the memorial was yours he and I listened to you back in the 70’s everyday after school and we have a lot of great memories set to the soundtrack of Brother to Brother. I miss my buddy, and look forward to learning a few songs on piano and remembering him.

  17. Thank you so much, Gino. Could you please include this amazing song in your next songbook? I mean “Lady” from Powerful People album.
    Of course, I hope your next songbook 😉
    My best regards,

  18. Is there sheet music for Ugly Man available? It’s been one of my favorite pieces for a long time, and would love to learn it for piano with all of the nuances originally intended, instead of trying to pick out the chords by ear.

  19. G’day Gino. It’s Madison from Australia here. I was listening to “Living Inside Myself” while preparing dinner this eve. I was deep in memories of my early high school days… just a’siiiiingin’ away and thought I’d give you a Google. I wanted to find the sheet music and I ended up here on your website. I have to thank you sooooooooo very much for sharing your sheet music with us gratis! That’s absolutely amazing of you. Much appreciated!!! I will get hours and hours (and my neighbours as well) of playing enjoyment from your songbooks. 🙂 LOVE YOUR WORK MATE!!!!!! xx Mad

  20. Thanks so much for sharing the notes. I am a fan of your music. I think to myself: who could sing some of your songs? ….. Well, I have to think and look. Meanwhile, I am waiting for your concert with the band in Poland.


  21. Thank you so much! Any chance a full piano arrangement can be made available as well? I play piano/organ/keys and read very well. 🙂

  22. It is awesome that an artist would make their charts available like this for their fans. I wish other artists would consider doing this. Please continue.
    Please would it be possible to make the Drum Charts available as well?

  23. Citing one comment a few above this one (Ryszard), I simply cannot help thinking, too: Who ON EARTH could sing, compose and arrange songs like Gino. But stop. Perhaps except singing, but there’d be to name Joe who surely contributed to that outstanding project worldwide, above all in the founding period. Not to forget the third brother (to brother 😉 Ross. For those who had never the opportunity to attend one of Gino’s latest concerts: He’s the one who exactly knows every Vannelli-song thus being able to mix the live sound I’ve never heard before. Absolutely great, I’m so looking forward to the concerts in the Netherlands to come in 2024 which seems the only chance to see Gino once again in Europe, I’m afraid.

    A lot of written stuff, I’m afraid again.

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