Stardust In The Sand

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Gino’s first book: and interesting testimony of his career and private life through 13 short stories relating to the greatest hits contained in the enclosed CD. A lovely book that will keep the reader stuck on every story to know how it ends. Many photographs, some previously unseen, make this book a must for every Gino fan and all music lovers.

Stories You Can Read About

1. People Gotta Move and a Mona Lisa Smile
2. Wild Horses and Extraordinary Wonders
3. Hurts to be in Love and Patti Jo Collins
4. Brother to Brother The Seventh of Seven
5. I Just Wanna Stop and Sacred Geometry
6. Crazy Life and the Art of Dummying Up Once In a While
7. Black Cars Dark Shades and Little White lies
8. Living Inside Myself and the Search for Three Other Words
9. Venus Envy and the man from Falkenberg
10. Wheels of Life and My Sleeping Beauty
11. Just a Motion Away and the Missing Muse
12. The Surest Things Can Change and the Park West
13. Put the Weight on my Shoulders and the UNstated World
14. Godlings and Feet of Clay
15. The Last Word Out of the Mouths of Babes

A Quote from Gino

“While I have always recognized the role that hard work, a few lucky breaks and raw mechanics
play in sustaining a life-long career, in Stardust in the Sand, I have set out to show that school-boy dreams can never be fully realized without a little bit of magic and hopeless idealism to grease the wheels—the task in our older and wiser years being not to forget it.”


10 Comments on “Stardust In The Sand”

  1. Gino, you have been my #1 inspiration in music. The very first time I heard “Lady” brought my completely to your music. I’ve listened to all of your music and have shared it with so many people in Japan, Guam, Tahiti, and Hawaii. I sequenced and tracked in mix-minus your tunes “I Just Wanna Stop”, “Wheels of Life”, “Living Inside Myself” and “It Hurts Being in Love” and perform these at every one of my gigs.
    Your use of the Neumann KMS105MT microphone is so perfect for you voice also. To get as close to this as possible, I use the Sennheiser e965 capsule in a wireless 2000RF system, and use the TC Electronic G-Force DSP for vocals.
    You are incredible, and you have been my music idol always, and will be forever.

  2. I am not sure whether your book is available here in Australia but I aim to find out. I appreciate your honesty and DTE way of talking and I think this only comes from those who have done the hard yards and have earned their stripes. I enjoy the way you write, it’s different and entertaining. I’m sure it will be a great read, if and when I can get my hands on it.
    I used to play your music on my radio show; black Cars, Wild Horses and my favourite – It Hurts To Be In Love. We are a bit behind the times here in Oz, that’s all the music we heard from you over here. I had no idea you were so accomplished until I decided to go fishing on YouTube one day for It Hurts…you have one of the most emotive voices I have evr heard, it touches me.
    I can see why you are grateful for the hard times because it surely has put you on top of the heap where you belong.
    Congratulations on your first book – please do write more; as a writer I look for a naturalness and baby, you got it 🙂
    Lots of love..xx
    I’ll let you know 🙂

  3. I saw a concert of Gino in Montreal in the late ’70 and was mesmorized by the art him and his brothers projected. The Gist of the Gemini is still my favourite. although I love I Just Want to Stop and many of his other recordins. If you havent heard The Gist of the Gemini (it’s an oldie) it’s the best musical experience I have ever heard, particularly “Where are the summers of my life” Thanks Gino, I will always be a fan. In fact, I just played the “Gist”… good luck to you and keep on signing and writing all that beautiful stuff.

  4. Hi, Gino. I’ve been a fan since I saw you do People Gotta Move & Powerful People on Soul Train way back in the 70s. I featured you prominently on my college station radio shows ’75 – ’78 & probably about all of your original stuff, as well as some compilations. Am anxiously awaiting Stardust In the Sand. Peace & continued blessings!!

  5. Hi! I was trying to purchase your book Stardust In The Sand online. Since it was released in 2010 ( I think) there are no copies to be found except from Italy. I’m a California girl and do not speak or read Italian. I feel silly asking but here goes…..would you know where else to look? I’ve been a fan since the late 70’s. I still listen to your cds in my car all the time. Love Love Love all your music ~ mind body & soul.

  6. I bought a used copy of the book on amazon but the CD does not play when I load it into the drawer on my laptop or into a portable disc player. The laptop and disc player do not recognize that there is a disc. Can you suggest another way to access the CD please?

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