When the Universe Became a Dog (Named Link)

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Link as a puppy

front view of link“Gino, we’d like to offer you the chance to have our initial pick of litter that unfortunately is missing a tooth, therefore can’t be shown… name is Link. Are you interested?” Asked Jamie, the Australian Shepherd breeder from Washington state.
“Yes I am, Jamie,” I replied, over the phone.
“Of course, we’ll have to see if Bodhi will accept Link and vice versa; as you might know, two males can be a problem.” added Jamie.
“I understand”, I said.

Link and Bodhi had been born a minute apart. They had just turned six months. As Link stepped onto the property, bursting with life, the two long, lost brothers had at last found each other again. They both immediately bolted, running in tandem, as if testing each other’s speed and grit. Up and down, up and down the fenced-in acreage, twisting and turning at sharp angles, zigzagging, as if winding in and out of cattles’ legs. Jamie and I smiled at each other. The two brothers loved each other on sight, and would so till the last moment.

And yet, there was a troublesome part of Link that nobody knew about but Tricia, me and Bodhi… and the person who had shaken Link badly in his early months. For short periods of time, Jamie had entrusted Link to a trainer and handler. Only years later we all discovered that some cruel neighbor had taunted and thrown stones at Link. In lieu of timidity, Link was one of those defiant personalities that chose defensiveness and aggression when he deemed it necessary.

More and more, Link showed growing signs of over protection, hypervigilance and distrust of anyone but the family. A darkness would suddenly come over him now and then. At times he would growl, poised to bite even the kindest person who may have simply pet him in a way he disliked.

One summer day I was sitting comfortably at an outside table, Link and Bodhi by my side, while Tricia had gone into New Seasons to snatch up a couple of food items. The sun was shining and all was calm, as I read. Out from the parking lot, a man approached me, calling out my name, seeming to have recognized me. Link sprung like a jack-in-a box, roaring and charging at him ferociously, his wide open jaws missing the man’s neck by inches, stopped only by a leash fastened to my chair. The man was justifiably terrified. My fears had been confirmed, as Link had shown telling signs of this sort of behavior before, but had never completely followed through until then. I had to do something quick and drastic, else a terrible accident was bound to happen. Of course many are quick to throw their hands up in such cases, believing a dog’s aggression is inexorably tied to his inborn personality. But I knew in my heart the boy was hurting and could be turned for the better. He just needed time, patience and devotion to heal a lingering wound.

Link was a well-muscled, thick-necked Aussie, powerful loins that would have him leap four feet from a standstill. He was a picture of physical confidence, afraid of no one and nothing, that is, except for whatever ghosts that kept haunting him under the skin. Between the two brothers he was the enforcer, while Bodhi remained the wily leader of the small pack. I loved Link too much to give up on him. I became determined to heal him. I was in possession of his unwavering trust; it was all I needed to accomplish the goal.

Everyday, without fail, I took him to the studio with me, walking him in public during breaks, having him sit with me at lunch, then randomly stepping in and out of some of the shops on the main road, carefully greeting people of all ages. While Bodhi was a natural gem with everyone, Link remained guarded. Each greet was always prefaced with, “slow and gentle,” to anyone who was inclined to pet Link. I kept my hand under Link’s lower jaw at all times, my face close to his, whispering comforting words.

Sometimes I’d get a muted growl; at times, simply an overloaded, laboring silence. What came easy for his brother was a long, hard climb for Link. But time and endless repetition, like any spiritual discipline, finally reaped rewards after eighteen months.

link and bodhi playing with a ball in the snow

Link and Bodhi, Christmas of 2021

Link at the studio with his favorite football (or what was left of it)

Link had magically bloomed into the most loving and trustworthy companion. While he still followed my every footstep like a sun shadow, he had become frantic and overjoyed to say hello to everyone strolling in and out of the shops on the old highway. He would even offer a lick on the sly to the most flattering of his admirers. He was especially gentle with the infirm, seeming to understand their circumstance. It was the miracle I had hoped for.

tricia vannelli with dogs

Tricia and the boys, ready for a Sunday hike.

In early fall, just before Link’s ninth birthday, he began to cough and hack incessantly, spewing a foamy-white, gooey spittle. Suddenly, something was so wrong. After a long list of supplements, meds and multiple visits with specialists, within two months, Link was gone.

He had been vomiting all night. His oxygen levels were now in the eighties. His tongue was deep blue. It broke our hearts to watch him breathe so laboriously. The time had come to end the poor boy’s suffering. Tricia and I made the final decision that morning.

My friend and neighbor, Ken, helped me dig a three-foot deep grave at 9am. I was beside myself with sorrow and disbelief, full of tears, as I dug. The appointment with the vet was at 2pm that same day. I hung on to both Link and Bodhi tightly in the hours before we left. Link mostly sat in my lap for the whole time. I bore the deep pain of knowing I had just dug Link’s grave. I took one final photo of him.

Link passed in Tricia’s arms, with my lips to his ear, telling him it was alright to fly away and hurry home. In the car, Bodhi looked over Link’s perfectly still body. He carefully put his nose to it. He looked at Tricia and me with a silent acknowledgement of what had just happened. At least he would not question his brother’s whereabouts from now on.

Link lies at the top of the high ridge where he loved to look out from. I visit his grave everyday before starting up in the studio that is now a couple of hundred feet from the house. Of course, I always manage to blur my vision with a tear, while I stand at his grave; but I am beginning to lift up my eyes now, as I look up to the sky and the tips of the towering Douglas Firs all around, seeing him as returning to the wide open spaces of the higher plains of light, on trek back to the Source.

link's grave

The open wound is slowly closing. Bit by bit, the sorrow mellows into a quiet gratitude for having had such a friend at my side all these years—a companion as fearless and loyal as he was gentle and loving. An enduring gratitude for knowing that Link had risen to his highest potential: knowing what it is to love and be loved in return.

close up of link's face

Thank you dear boy, we owe you so much.

Tricia, Bodhi and Gino

22 Comments on “When the Universe Became a Dog (Named Link)”

  1. My eyes are filled with tears while reading such a loving tribute to a wonderful companion to you, Tricia, and Bodhi. Link is resting high on that ridge!

    Wendy Garavelli

  2. I believe God has a special love for doggies because there are so many breeds.
    I know you will always miss Link for who could forget a faithful friend like him.
    The last picture of Link in front of your Christmas tree speaks to how much he loved and was loved.
    You Gino, Tricia and Bodhi carry Link in your hearts always. And may his love heal your hearts. God bless.

  3. I have so many furbabies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge but I know in my heart and believe in TOGETHER AGAIN SOMEDAY 💞. Believe this too Sweethearts and cherish your memories for the time being. 🫂💖. january 🎤🎶

  4. Brings tears to my eyes. Lost one of our boys 2 weeks ago today. He lay down to sleep by the front door and never woke up. His brother seems lost and our family is missing him terribly. 11 years and pretty much everyday by my side since 8 weeks old. I hope he’s playing with your Link on the other side.

  5. Gino,Tricia & Bodhi,
    So sorry to hear about your boy Link. As you know pets become part of the family. When they leave us its like taking a punch to the gut especially when you have had the fortunate relationship with them as you had with Link.
    We shared a picture with you of our dog Joey at your show in PA just before Covid hit and I know by the look in your face and your comments about Link and Bodhi that they are both very special to you and Tricia. Joey is a Morkie, our daughters talked us into getting him about 10 years ago, he latched onto Daddy but loves everyone. He never leaves my side when I’m home from work, Joey will be our one and only. I keep on telling him that he can never leave us. Dogs are pretty amazing when they want to try and communicate. Just a simple gesture of them bringing over one of their special toys and dropping it at your feet you know what they want to do. They look at you with those deep loving eyes with unconditional love and you know its play time.
    Thank You for sharing your heartfelt loss,

    Sam & Carole Tumminelli

  6. Oh, Gino, I am just now reading about your precious boy, and the loss of your friend. Please accept our heartfelt & most sincere condolences. I never understood why their life cycle is so short.
    I’m not certain if you remember our Billy, on stage with you, from your last visit to The Palace, in Greensburg Pa, in 2018.
    I was never so excited to have my wife, Noreen, Billy, and myself on stage with you, doting on our boy. You had been up and traveling for most likely, 36 hours nonstop, yet you still took the time to say hello to Billy, since he wouldn’t be present for the show….forever grateful, my friend!
    We have had our horse ranch for nearly 15 years, with the absence of a dog, until one day in September, 2011.
    As I was leaving the driveway to tend to some chores, there was a young beagle mix, running up & down….thought it was a neighbor’s dog. When my Mrs. came home later that day, she said there was a dog that jumped in her car….I asked if it was black & white..her reply…yes. Billy has been with us, ever since. I never wished to feel the heartache of losing another dog again, hence the absence, for 15 years, when a pet finds you, it’s meant to be. We are so glad, Billy came into our lives. Again, I am so sorry, for your loss!

  7. As per owners and animal lovers, my Wife & I know the feelings well. We love all of our furry family manners and the first two (Brother & Sister) were from the S.PC.A.; the rest showing up at our door, starving to death – as if the spirit of our departed pets guided them to us. And because they are members of our Family, when they leave us, we grieve their passing as we would a human member of the Family. We’ve had pets that have gotten kidney disease, heart disease and cancer and we’ve spent untold amounts of money to (selfishly, I guess) keep them with us just a bit longer. Reading your heartfelt story, Gino, it brought back the feelings WE experienced with the loss of some of our pets and yes, the tears were rolling down my face as I read your words. Non animal-lovers will never understand this. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures of your beloved & faithful Boy. I am so glad to have found your site on Twitter and hope to follow your stories. I wish you and yours all the best for Good Health & Happiness in this New Year of 2023. Sincerely, Mike & Brenda K

  8. Through my tears….I am so sorry for your loss. May the beautiful memories of Link keep you and your family warm at night when the world seems a smaller place without him. Most certainly, he knew he was loved and is looking at you from the Rainbow Bridge with much love and gratitude. Rest well beautiful Link.

  9. Dear Gino. I send my regrets on the passing of your companion Link. I know how devastating it is to lose a constant companion and to have to make the choice to have them put down. We had to make the choice to put our dog down at 15 years. I had not been away from him since we brought him home at six weeks old, other than during our trip to Europe, and our trip to Hawaii. He came home with us after he was put down and stayed for several months until he knew we could let him go. It was heart breaking for us. Link will probably come to see you as well.
    I am also passing on my thoughts to you after hearing about Bert Bacharach’s passing. I believe he was a friend of yours. I hope Edmonton will be on the list when you start touring in Canada again. Much Love to you and your family, Hollis Ehman.

  10. We lost our one and only beautiful family member that was our joy to have for 16 years. Chester watched our 2 boys grow into strong men all the while giving only love and snuggles. What a joy it was to have this wonderful addition to our family. Every day we miss him and give thanks for the fortune for letting him share his life with us.

  11. Thank you Gino for sharing! My heart breaks and know your sorrow! I lost my Aussie boy Rafa a few years ago to a stroke and had to make that dreaded decision! He was with me for 14 years! About 6 months later I found out about an Aussie puppy who had been abused! I stepped in and took him and after a brief time of his timidity(understandable) we have been inseparable for now more than 2 years! It took him about 6 months to be rid of his fear of people and other dogs! He is a snuggler, very unlike my previous other aussies! So loving and although he is only 3 it worries me going though what I did with Rafa! All I can do is thank God for our the together!

  12. Dearest Gino, Tricia, & Bodhi, you have my deepest sympathies for the loss of dear sweet Link. I have never read anything more beautiful than this ode to a beloved, family pet. I had tears in my eyes almost from the get go. You gave him love and patience when others wouldn’t have and he returned it ten fold. Not a lot of people understand how a pet is very much a family member. It will be 4 years on July 9th that my loyal boy Henry Cooper passed away. I still cry to this day over him. There is nothing more wonderful than a pet who loves you unconditionally.

  13. I am trying to send pictures Of Link and Bodhi to a friend she has a Australian shepherd could u advice me. Thank you. All the best to Gino and his sleeping beauty. Hope she is fairing well. God Bless. ❤️❤️

  14. May you find Peace in the good memories of your buddy Link. I am sorry that the irrationalities of human behavior injured your friend. It is admirable the lengths to which you traveled together in his healing. We just lost our Toby, companion to us for many years. A friendly gaze and his ready smile flood our thoughts.
    Clair Thomas

  15. At the recent Annapolis concert, Gino shared the very important advice to be with your pet when it comes time to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I had read the same advice from a well seasoned vet who explained that your pet will be looking for you as they are aware they are slipping away. As gut wrenching as it is, it will be the most loving thing you can do for your fur baby in their last moments. It was heartbreaking to hear about Link and more than a few of us had tears in our eyes, but Gino gave we pet parents some very wise and thoughtful advice. Thank you Gino. May you continue to look up and experience Link’s freedom from worldly woes.

  16. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, actually I have four dogs in my house and these are the first I own in my life.
    Enjoy your time with the Montreal Orchestra Maestro.

  17. As I read this story my eyes welled up for the loss of your beloved Link. I lost two of my own pets within a year of each other. Cole, a black lab we had for several years and then Makayla a Shitzu I had her for 18 years. My deepest and heartfelt sympathy go out to you and your family.

  18. Animals are gifts from God! We should accept those gifts with love and gratitude because these angels give so much back to us! The love and family that you gave to Link was so important, especially after what he went through in his early years. It gave him so much comfort, and most of all, he knew that he was loved. God Bless you, Tricia and Bodhi for giving Link the love that he deserved and so desperately needed. You made his last days HAPPY.

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