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Masterclasses Extended!

Amazing! I didn’t expect the masterclasses during the week of August 8th to fill up so quickly. In light of this, I have decided to add one more week of masterclasses, starting August 15th. By the way, I have heard all of the MP3’s submitted. This is

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Gino Vannelli’s Masterclasses

I have met so many people after our concerts over the last couple of years asking about masterclasses. I’ve decided it is time. As well as “the Art of Voice”, I will add something new, called “The Art of Production”, scheduled for the 10am to 1pm slot.

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We had such a great rehearsal yesterday…

We had such a great rehearsal yesterday. Built up a new arrangement for the solo section of People Gotta Move. Band killed it. Actually got lost in the mist of Gypsy Days during practice. (Some songs have a way of taking you places.) Leave tonight for Bow

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The Man with Antlers and the Twin Verses

In the year 2001, Tricia’s father, Dale Collins, died suddenly, but peacefully, just as he himself predicted, on the slopes of Mount Ranier, while hiking one sunny day. I remember just months before his death, Dale invited Tricia and me to join him on a spring hike

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Meet Peter

Hey everybody, meet Peter Majanen. A couple of years ago, during one of my master classes in Portland, I was struck by the vocal quality of one of my students who happened to come from Sweden. Not only was I impressed by Peter’s tone, but was as

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Gino giving away 30 complete scores

Dear all, musicians in particular: We have created a gift package for you of thirty complete scores of my best known songs. The scores include melody and lyrics. My thanks to Greg Goebel for all his help. It is my joy to freely share these with you—but

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