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Life is Messy (But Good)

In the year 2000, I received a call from Dick Bakker, the conductor and music director of the Metropole Orchestra in the Netherlands. I was asked to perform with the orchestra at a jazz festival in the city of Roosendaal. The problem was I had no formal

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Say Uncle

My father had three brothers, the youngest of which was Saverio Vannelli. I don’t know how the pseudonym, Vic, came to be, but ever since I can remember, Saverio was ‘Uncle Vic’ to me. There has never been a concert of mine in Montreal that Uncle Vic

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The House my Father Built

The House My Father Built

Went to see my mom yesterday, and on the way I passed by the house my father built in 1967. We moved into it when I was 14. It was the sum of his life’s work–his own Holy of Holies. Once upon a time, on a snowy,

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Have had my head buried in the studio this summer…

Hey folks, Have had my head buried in the studio this summer but not without coming up for air now and then. We decided that Bodhi was a little more prepared than Link to be shown this weekend in Kalama, Washington. Bodhi picked up a couple of

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The Wheels of Life and My Sleeping Beauty

No doubt there is a predictable madness about the days we live in, as there has always been, give or take a few notches up or down. There are forever things to lament about or regret. So, these days I’m inclined to focus my gaze on events

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Gino raising money for Operation Underground Railroad

Just a note to thank all those who have helped raise over $3,000 so far for Operation Underground Railroad – an organization dedicated to rescuing children from the horrors of human trafficking. We have sold out all but three of these great prints of the Pauper in Paradise

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