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Forget Vegas (Part 2)

“Out! I want you out!” screamed Connie Manzo, teacher and head coach of St Rita’s Tigers, my grade-school baseball team. “Why?” I demanded to know, as I approached the team bench all puckered and pouty. “Be-cause-you-day-dream, out there. What is my outfielder doing lying on his back,

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Forget Vegas

I had just talked my way out of my record contract with RCA Canada. Searching for loftier peaks to scale, I decided New York was the place to be. But at eighteen, I was hardly primed for the streets of Manhattan. In 1970 New York was a

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Father and Son

It is a curious thing to look upon an image of your father, he being much younger than you are at present. It puts you in a sort of concerned, parental frame of mind, wanting to leap into the photograph and warn him of the carelessness and

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Hey folks, thought to share another song lyric with you

Hey folks, thought to share another song lyric with you. (Just finished the track.) I have often wondered about unsolved crimes and the perpetrators who remain at large. This is the story of one such man that Justice finally catches up with–posing as a random event. G

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Masterclasses Extended!

Amazing! I didn’t expect the masterclasses during the week of August 8th to fill up so quickly. In light of this, I have decided to add one more week of masterclasses, starting August 15th. By the way, I have heard all of the MP3’s submitted. This is

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Gino Vannelli’s Masterclasses

I have met so many people after our concerts over the last couple of years asking about masterclasses. I’ve decided it is time. As well as “the Art of Voice”, I will add something new, called “The Art of Production”, scheduled for the 10am to 1pm slot.

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